Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's what fun is!

Saturday we made our first trip up to Lagoon. The boys don't remember going at all (we last went when they were 18 months or so) but were excited about anything with rides or "roller toasters". :) When we actually got there, Davis especially started getting pretty timid. He is always telling us what a big boy he is, and all of a sudden he was little. I'm too little for that roller toaster. Don't worry bug, we won't make you ride anything you don't want to. The first ride seemed pretty safe (space ships) but look at Davis's worried face! Once it got going he was all smiles and ran right back in line to do this one again. They both really enjoyed all the "lame" carnival type rides, but why not, if that's what they enjoy.

And here's Lowell just loving riding Puff the Dragon. I told him he shouldn't be such a wimp and go ride Wicked or something, but he insisted on Puff. Not really! He is riding with Carter who you just can't see and did indeed ride Wicked and Collossus (yeah for early Spring and NO lines!). I am the wimp--but this year at least I can blame it on being pregnant! I'm not fooling anyone. The boys also totally loved Pioneer Village of all things, should be a good summer for them.
Here they are in the jail they have there. Hmmm, suits them.
We stayed for 3 hours and rode plenty of rides but still have a bunch we haven't done. It was lunch time and I didn't want to buy food in the park plus our last ride (Red Baron Gliders) did me in, I was so dizzy! The boys would only leave if we promised to go back again soon. I have decided this is my official bribe of the summer--I am making a chart of all the things they have to accomplish each week to go back again (clean room, potty responsibilities, etc.) It was just a really pleasant day spent with just the 4 of us.

The rest of the week has been pretty nice weather wise though we haven't done a whole lot. Mostly visits to the park and playing at home, plus preschool of course. We also went to a wedding reception and soccer practice--and that was all the time filled up. Yesterday we did have a Friday Fun Day and just the boys and I went to see How to Train a Dragon. I forgot how much the regular theater is, even for a matinee--sheesh! But it was fun, the boys were really excited and did enjoy it. I thought is was okay, just okay. We're really excited for Toy Story 3.

Here's a great shot from Sunday when the boys were playing quietly in Davis's room:

They had found my craft supplies from D's closet and had fun with the self-stick foam pieces from one of our Halloween activities. Oh well, no real harm done and makes a cute picture. Now the shirt I found soaked in Elmer's glue the next day I was less happy about.

Wow, this week was kind of lame--as it gets warmer everywhere is busier and we try to avoid crowds, too hard to contain the kiddos.
In baby news, I am just feeling fat. Still just look extra plump but it makes me self-conscious. With the chub plus reduced lung capacity (other organs crowding them) making me short of breath easier I am just feeling out of shape. And then I didn't feel up to the gym this week, so I'm not helping it much. I have all kinds of plans for hiking this summer, so I really need to get back at it. I'll be big--no getting around that, but I can keep my heart in tip top shape so I can still be up to carry the extra load up the mountains. I just wish my chest wasn't such a large part of the extra load--ugh! I know, of all the things to complain about, but seriously--I bruised my ribs this week from the weight of my bra, no joke! I don't remember it being this bad so early with the munchkins--my top is definitely growing faster than my belly. Lowell at least thinks it's great. Carter has started kissing my belly this week (awww, so freaking cute!) and I have felt little miss bounce around more and more.

The boys have their first soccer game today, so stay tuned for that. Should be funny, I have been working with them on only shooting into one goal and how they can share the ball with their team, but not the other team--but it is all still pretty foreign to them. Hopefully they just have fun.

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Terri said...

Sounds like fun, sorry we missed you last weekend. good to hear from you. one of these times I am sure we will meet up!