Monday, February 15, 2010

U, V

We squeezed 2 letters in this week since I didn't have a lot planned for U and Valentine's fell this week so we had to scoop up that opportunity.
We went on a hunt for Utah Lake and apparently did not know where to look. I know I have seen great pics from docks in Saratoga Springs but in driving around we found no such locales. We found weeds for quite a distance into the lake everywhere we looked. But we did find a park to play at which the boys enjoyed and then we hiked through some smelly weeds to what is indeed a portion of Utah Lake. It was frozen so nothing too exciting, we'll make a better attempt at it when it is a little warmer. I feel like I say that all the time, when it is warmer we'll play. We have had some fair temps of late and rain today instead of snow (thank you!) but I am still itchy for real Spring and even more so for summer. Can't wait for lazy warm days in the backyard and camping. Plus Lowell and I have a getaway planned in May, and I can't wait already!
Carter with the lake and gorgeous Timpanogos in the background

Davis too. We were planning on visiting the U of U as well but schedules didn't work out so we just visited with our favorite University of Utah student, lovely Cyndel. Always fun to see her at the candy shop!
Valentine's Day was quite the production at our house this year and the boys sure enjoyed it. First they handed out cards to their preschool class and got to address them themselves, well, they initialed them anyway. Then we had the UVMOM play group at my house this month where we decorated sugar cookies (thanks Kari for the recipe!) and passed out Valentine's to all our favorite twinners. There were 10 moms and 25 kids, so a little crazy in my little house but it is nice to have people over. Really, it makes me feel loved to have visitors so it was a good, if tiring day.

Davis using excessive sprinkles with little M looking on (thanks Jess for the pic).
For Valentine's night we got the boys a heart shaped pizza and little plastic wine glasses for their Martinelli's:

They thought saying Cheers! over and over was great fun. The cups were a hit, and promptly broken the next day. Yeah for the dollar store, can't be too upset about that. Lowell and I had a nice dinner in after the boys went to bed. We order in every year and almost never have a problem but this year we tried Texas Roadhouse and I am not impressed. Don't get me wrong, I love love their food but their take out service left a LOT to be desired. We order from Applebee's and it is ready in 20 minutes and they'll even bring it to your car. It took nearly an hour just to get Texas Roadhouse to answer the phone, then 45 minutes until the food would be ready, then another 30 minutes Lowell sat and waited--and then the order wasn't even complete. I know it is a busy night, but that's why we order out and everyone else does it well. Oh well, live and learn--and we did still enjoy the meal and a nice snuggle.

This is what the boy found waiting for them V-Day morning. They were so excited, Davis kept going on and on wishing everyone a Happy Balentine's Day and saying how much he loves everyone. He can sure be a sweet boy. Carter was busy eating the candy--kid after my own heart. They brought Valentine's for their church class too, love spread all over this year.

My special Valentine Davis

Cutie Carter love

So, there's U and V for you, as usual we had a good time. I'm just soaking up my little love bugs while I can and while they still like me so much. We have had some other challenges this month but mostly staying above water and looking forward to warmer days to come. Lots of love!
I can't forgot to mention how thankful I am for my super sweetie Valentine and husband Lowell. Truly the love of my life. He completes me in every way and is so patient and kind to me. The best decision I ever made was listening to the Lord and choosing my Lowelly. Can't get enough of that cute man, love you forever honey!

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