Monday, May 11, 2009

One spoiled Mommy

Can you believe it? I didn't take any pictures of my fabulous weekend. So here are some oldies of me and munchkins. Oh, to go back to my nursing days, 64 oz of milk a day sure kept the weight off. I could eat anything I wanted. Sigh.We just packed away the onesies (now that they are potty trained) and sippy cups (just reorganizing) and it is strange how nostalgic those things are. My babies are definitely little boys now, no turning back.

Anywho, the purpose to this post, I am one spoiled mommy! What a great weekend--Lowell took such good care of me. Early Saturday we went and had massages. There was a wait so we went over to Kneader's and it turns out they were having free french toast for moms. Yeah for me, and they were so yummy too. The massage was fantastic of course (minus the fact that I realized that night I hadn't even shaved--I was there dirty and tired after a 14 hour shift and with 2 week long leg hair, yeah seriously that massage therapist was super nice not to say anything). I just mentioned I was a mom of 3 year old twins and she treated me very well. She said she could feel that I carry them around in my shoulders. I think the best part of a massage is right after, I would call that bliss. Everything is so relaxed, the endorphins are flowing like a drug, I can hardly drive because I don't care what lane I am in.

So then I met up with my mom for our now traditional lunch at the Trellis Cafe (at the gardens). Again this year the tree was blossomed right by where we were sitting and the sweet smell of the blossoms would hit us as the wind blew. The food was good and it was so restful (audible awww . . .). I had a good long nap and then my 3 boys and I went to play at Lowell's school. We drove the golf cart around (the boys even got to drive by themselves, they were so thrilled) and then rode the elevator up and down--as good as it gets for the kiddos. Home again Lowell hit me with all my gifts--first the massage, then a 2 lb box of See's (yeah the skinny me above will never be back!), a spice rack I have been wanting, and a big bag of Bath and Body Work Goodies including perfume in my new favorite scent, Butterfly Flower. Didn't I tell you I am spoiled? What a good hubby, it really was the perfect day.

Sunday was also good but couldn't surpass Saturday. With church and family obligations the relaxation aspect was just gone. We actually took the boys to sacrament meeting (shock, awe) for the first time in 8 months but we couldn't even get into the chapel. It was packed and they won't open the overflow (grumble). So we sat in the relief society room and listened and practiced. The kids did better than expected so we'll try again soon. Of course the consequence of sacrament meeting is they are even worse then usual for Sunbeams/Nursery. Davis was home within the hour and Carter was not pleasant. I don't know what to do/say about those boys. We had brunch with my family and then dinner with Lowell's and it was a good day full of lots of family.

The boys just adore their relatives so they were happy little men for the afternoon. And Lowell did the cooking and cleaning, though it's like Mother's Day every day at my house because he does most of that anyway. I think it is ironic that the reward for being a mom on mother's day is not doing what moms do. However it works I wanted to say thank you to my eternal sweetheart who takes such good care of me on special occasions and even more so all year long. He rocks (and no he is not available to borrow, and people have asked!). Love you honey!


Trent and Carlie & Co. said...

What a great husband!! It's fun to be spoiled every once in awhile! I loved seeing pictures of your boys as babies! They were so little & cute! Now they are big & cute!!

Scott and Jillian said...

I'm glad you got spoiled on Mother's Day. That Saturday sounds lovely.

Marta said...

You deserve every ounce of "spoiling" that you get! I am glad you had such a wonderful mother's day!