Friday, May 22, 2009

B o r e d

So I am only 1.5 hrs into a 15 hr shift and I am already bored. This is not a good sign. I usually have a lot of work to do but I have been a busy bee and have most of it done. All that is left is the most mundane of chores, watching TV online, reading more of New Moon, and actually working. The thing about working at my job is it is sporadic. When samples come in, I run them. When those are done I sit here until something else comes. That could be in 15 seconds or 4 hours. I have literally gone 7 hours at work without a single sample. man, they pay me too much to do my job. Being bored is an oddity for a mom, an experience I would never have if I didn't work full time. Moms, especially of young children, always have a multitude of things they need to be doing. What an odd blessing it is to be bored. Anywho on to a review of the past week minus photos. Why no photos? Well, truth is I, yes Heidi, have actually burned out on taking pics for a couple of days. The boys have been so cooperative cheesing for me that I am fully content with the shots I have of them and all the places we went this week are well photographed, so alas, no new shots for today. This weekend will be full of "camping" and BBQs and partying with the fam, so new pics are on the way!

This week has been a good one. Tuesday I reached a goal I have been shooting for for quite some time, the boys were 37 inches and potty trained and this ushered into the grand escape called, free babysitting at Ikea. They happily toddled off to the play land while Lowell and I perused the twin bed selection, got some more kid's plates/bowls/silverware, had a peaceful dinner, and then picked up a couple of things not on the list (it was Ikea after all). What a glorious thing it is to be 37 inches and potty trained. Hooray for us!

Wednesday we made a mad dash for the zoo. The zoo closes its gates at 5 but not the grounds until 6:30. The kids can be shaken awake from nap at 4 and then we always rush to get in the car and run up to Salt Lake, most often failing and retreating to the Children's Museum (open until 6 but you can go in up to that point) or the Aquarium (summer hours close at 7). We arrived at 5:10 and thankfully they let us in. I couldn't handle another chorus of screaming when the elusive goal of the zoo was not met. Hillary joined us and we had a delightful time. We did everything, except actually look at the animals. Rode the train, played at the park, rode the carousel, ran ran ran and then scurried by a few creatures on the way out. :) The giraffes were particularly captivating, and frightening to the kids. They had shimmied under a partition until they were rather close to the giraffe who was eating and who found them interesting enough to try and explore them with his tongue. The kids won't be playing in that restricted area again. :) The cougars were also seriously hunting the boys, the gleam in their eyes was pretty frightening. So home again Hill watched the bubs while Lowell and I went to see Angels and Demons.

I finished the book that afternoon and that may have been a bad thing as there were so many differences it was distracting. Different names, missing and added characters, different plot elements--kind of disappointing. I felt the movie did not adequately depict the reasoning for the camerlengo's actions. In fact I think the book is confusing on that point as well but much more thorough than the movie. Still, I liked the movie. Even if he had the wrong name, Ewan McGregor is hot and was enjoyable to watch. Tom Hanks hair was SO much better than Da Vinci Code and the action and drama was well done. I would see it again. I am continuing through New Moon (3rd time since Feb) and enjoying it of course. It's surprises me how mad I can still be at Edward and how depressed for Bella when I know what is going to happen. That's why I love Twilight, it is so character driven and I am attached to the characters. Next up, Michael Crichton's Next (once Lowell is done with it).

Today we had a bug themed play group at my house with a bug craft and snack (ants on a log and dirt cup) and I just had a delightful time chatting with Lyndsie and Carlie while my kids were thrilled to have friends over and needed very little assistance in their adventures. Tomorrow we are having a spa day--massages and lunch. Then I will probably do some birthday shopping (it's coming up next week but my grandparent's will be in town which means all other things in the universe are usurped) with my mom and dinner at Sweet Tomatoes--love it! Sounds like a good day already! Then Sunday B-day BBQ with my fam, camp out in the backyard with S'mores, Monday Memorial and Dual (my SIL Sina's b-day is next week as well) B-day BBQ with Lowell's fam and then I still have Tuesday off. Holy cow I have a good looking weekend coming up!

A quick funny with the boys. They have become obsessed with the dogs. Happened so out of the blue, one minute they were pestering them, the next begging to have them sleep with them. We have lured a puppy or two to hang out with them for a little while (usually with food) and we'll check on them and find them reading stories to their much abused, er I mean loved, little friend. I told the dogs some day the kids would be their best friends and it is slowly coming to pass. They are starting to throw the ball for them or play tug--the dogs haven't gotten over their fear of the kids yet but when they do they'll all be the best of friends. The boys have also tried to share their love with our friends in the insect world. The other night they found a Rolly Polly bug and carried it around every where. They took it to jump on the trampoline (and dropped it on its head a few dozen times). I asked Davis what he was going to name it and he said, "Rolly Polly". Why didn't I think of that? Davis refused to reliquish his friend when we went inside for the night and the only way to save him from the watery grave of the bath tub was to make him a little home out of a tupperware container. We gave him so food and told Davis he was not to open the container under any circumstance. You can guess how that worked out. The next morning he simply said, "I lost him". I found him this morning, dead under his bed. Rest in Peace Rolly Polly, I hope there is some consolation in knowing you were loved so exceedingly before your untimely demise.

I hope you all have a delightful weekend!


Sal-my-gal said...

I wish I could have made it for play date. My older kids had so much going on that day it was just impossible!

Marta said...

I love reading about all the fun things you do with your boys! You are such a fun mom!