Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My sassy sweet boys

Ugh. I'm sick again. Lowell says he has thrown up more often in the last 3 years than the rest of his life combined and I think I agree--though you have to throw the pregnancy in there too. Something about being around the little germ factories--though they are just fine (thank you, seriously I would not want them to be sick, especially vomiting sick, yuck!). It is tough though to have healthy children when both parents are sick. We hobbled along yesterday and tonight poor Lowell has the kids on his own. I tried to wear them out this morning because I am feeling a bit better. Anywho, I've been meaning to write a bit about my sassy little kids. They are getting such little mouths on them. My favorite (in the try not to let them see you laughing kind of way) is Carter saying "whateber" whenever I ask him to do something or Davis saying "What the heck!" whenever things don't go his way. Little stinkers.

Davis with his sucker all the way from DisneyLand--thanks Uncle Robbie. Next time just take us with you!
Carter too--still obsessed with the 'puter.

They have been learning their letters and are obsessed with C for Carter and D for Davis. They find "their" letter on everything and are so excited. So on the way in to baseball the other day Carter announces to me that he poo poo'd in the potty (great) and it was a C for Carter (gross!). They are still my lover boys though, I hope that part of being 3 never ends. Davis found an M on a book and let me know it was M for Mommy (aww). Carter always finds h for mommy (Heidi). Carter frequently asks for a "snuggle" and both boys need a story and a hug and a kiss from each parent before going to bed. They also continue to be each other's best friends. I was thinking today watching them playing at the children's garden that their lives would be pretty dull with just mommy to play with. I like to think I am pretty active in playing with them and taking them fun places but nothing is more fun than a brother who understands you and gets your jokes. They laughed hillariously for 20 minutes just slamming the lighthouse door at the gardens. I surely didn't get it, but they were enjoying themselves. Having twins is a struggle, no doubt about it, and truly no one understands unless they are actually parents of twins (I overheard someone at baseball watching me struggle that they had kids that were 10 months apart and that was harder--I wanted to turn around and say, well unless you had both, you just don't know.) But I talked to one mom of grown twins and she said she felt sorry for her other kids and I can understand that now. Built in friends, built in enemies. I wouldn't have volunteered for twins but I would never send them back either, crazy, silly, funny little munchkins, I just love them to pieces.

Some other things they are into: Special Agent Oso, Olivia, Looney Toons, everything Disney, playing on the computer, jumping on the trampoline (never gets old), frozen go-gurt (always), Yo-gos, noodles and cheese, chicken nuggets, chocolate milk (thanks to Lowell's mom who always provides it), cheese, playing with friends especially cousin Hannah and Andrew and Anthony, having everyone over to play at their house, and ALL their family members, they talk about them constantly and adore every chance they get to be with them. Thanks for playing with us today Hillary!

Yesterday though dragging ourselves we still had some fun. The boys got some new water toys which they enjoyed. First was a crazy armed sprinkler like Lowell had as a kid. The funny thing was that as soon as any article of clothing got wet, the boys felt they had to strip it off. We kept putting more on but eventually gave up and let them be nakey. We have a fenced yard after all.

The second were these little swimming whale and shark that they even slept with.

Next we went to the gardens--the plan was to go up the canyon but daylight was running out and the gardens ended up being perfect. The boys know it like their own backyard and finally (finally) can follow a few directions, like stay close to mom and dad (threat of hidden monsters helped too . . .) so Lowell and I got to stroll and the kids pretty much did their own thing. It was a pleasant night.
Carter in the gorgeous blossoms. Now is a great time to "smell" the gardens. There are a few blossoming trees that just smell SO amazing plus the lilac are in bloom. Mmmmm

And Davis, my cheeser
A little family of geese we were watching.
They let us get really close to them while they were eating grass. The boys were pretty timid after their run-in with a goose at the zoo. I had my camera set to video just in case :p

The masses of koi in the pond. My sister is freaked out by them (and birds) but I love watching them fight over the little bits of food. The kids dig it too of course.

No real plans for the week. The last baseball class is Friday and maybe we'll retry our canyon trip that night as well--our pass expires at the end of May so I wanted to get a few more visits in. Hope you are all having a good week!


Kerri said...

Only Twins and parents with twins really understand how two people can love each other so much one moment and fight so bad the next :)! Your boys are adorable.

Marta said...

I love reading about your family and the fun things you do! I think your boys say some of the funniest things! Thanks for sharing their cuteness with us!