Friday, May 8, 2009

Itty Bitty Baseball

The biggest highlight of our week has been the boys' introduction to Itty Bitty Baseball. It is a program through the Lehi Rec for 3 and 4 year olds to learn a variety of sports. They also have soccer and football. For me it is just hillarious. From the opening calisthenics (i.e. 40 3 year olds trying to do sit ups and [roll on the floor laughing] jumping jacks) to the little games they play against each other it is just so fun and funny. Case in point, Wednesday they had team picture day (uhh . . .yeah they are playing for 6 sessions, seriously they need team pictures . . .you're the sucker mom who signed them up for the class you're going to eat it up . . .I'll take 2) and all I could think of was the phrase, herding cats. Trying to get 8 3 and 4 year olds to stand in a line and smile for a camera was just so comical. I can't wait to get them back with none of the children looking and Carter more than likely picking his nose. I have a lot of sympathy for their coach, bad enough having my 2 trouble makers but the whole lot seems pretty distracted. The first day they all paid attention but by day 3 today they were all giggling and goofing off and not listening. Hmmm . . .turns out it's not just my kids who are "deaf". I seem to be the only parent who has to follow their kids through each exercise just to keep them playing and not sitting with me (i.e. climbing under the bleachers)--but I have given up caring. Let the other parents think what they will, the coach at least appreciates my help. The little game they played Weds was the funniest, I hope they do it again next week so I can get it on video. Player 1 hits the ball from the tee (after 4 attempts), ball skids through the infield, all children from the second team and the hitter chase after the ball, coach tells hitter to run to first (he goes to third then first), Davis is fighting with the kid who managed to come out with the ball, and Carter is walking aimlessly following the lines on the gym floor on the other side of the gym. Sigh, good times. Here's some shots:

They yell, Go Red Sox in between each station--so cute!
I'll try to get some better shots, a dark gym with 40 crazy kids running around isn't the ideal photography studio.
So that is the most different thing we have been doing, but not the only thing by any means. My days off were full of play, thanks to my lovely little sister returning from the inferior (we have a little college competition going on as she is in the same program as I was) Weber for the summer. Tuesday we had a fun morning of abusing Hillary's connections at the gardens. We took the boys to run run run at the children's garden which is all cleared out now that tulip festival is ending (though the tulips are still in peak form). Then we ordered soup from the Trellis Cafe--you must eat there--then got 25% off chocolate from the little shop (the boys wanted a drink which translated into chocolate for me somehow--I can't enter that little room and leave empty handed!) and then used her discount at the green house to buy hanging baskets. Check this one out:
I love the deep purple with the orange, regularly $28, I paid $17. I got 2 and a little basil plant--it smells so yummy. When we went back to pick up our soup the darling lady that works there (Jen) wouldn't let us pay for it and also gave the boys some macaroons. Those boys sure know how to work their magic. What a profitable day at the gardens! :) We finished our Thanksgiving Point day by going to the dino museum in the evening. We met up with Reva and her doll babies and the boys had fun playing with Tony and Andrew. They are so funny with their "friends".

Wednesday night we headed back to the Aquarium--we renewed our pass after a couple of months off on Saturday but only had a half hour to play (after what I call, A Come to Jesus meeting with Davis, lots of weeping and wailing on the potty which ended with the fact that yep, your hard headed mother is more stubborn than you, and shocker, Davis finally bending his will to mine and now he is potty trained. Sometimes it pays off to be this stubborn.) so we headed back Tuesday though still only made it with 40 minutes. It takes so long to get out of my house. If you haven't been in a while--go--they have added a whole new section that is really fun. Spiders, tree frogs, a big snake, little alligators, and piranha--little boy paradise. We are on our 3rd year of membership so we have watched the little aquarium grow and it is finally becoming something pretty cool. Sure we can still do the whole thing in 45 minutes, but the kids love it and who could pass up "Finding Nemo". Late Wednesday Hill came over so Lowell and I could go see Wolverine. I won't say I am much of a sci-fi comic book fan though my knowledge is increasing all the time. I will say I am a Hugh Jackman fan. I enjoyed the movie. :)

Yesterday the boys went to the dentist for their 6 month check up and did really well. Luckily Miss Cyndel was able to come help me and even more lucky the boys teeth look great. Some of their bite and spacing issues have improved and all is well. Here's hoping they inherited Dad or Robbie's 'no cavities until after their mission' teeth and not Mom's 'good thing my mom worked in a dental office' teeth. One odd thing to note--they were separate as they chose the flavor of tooth polish and their prize at the end but they both chose the same thing both times. A little eery.

Well, that brings us up to date. Tomorrow (i.e. right after my current shift ends at 0630) I am meeting up with Lowell to get a message. Yum. Then lunch with my mom at the Trellis and finally a BBQ Sunday with Lowell's fam including my favorite, juicy fat steak (with sauteed onions and mushrooms). I won't be any thinner by next week, but I hope to be more relaxed. :) A very Happy Mother's Day wish to you all!

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Scott and Jillian said...

That little sports class sounds so fun. I want to get my kids signed up for some little classes once we get into our new place. Swim is the first one!