Sunday, August 24, 2008

Twins! Twins! Twins!

That's the title of a book we read and the end line is, Would you like to be a twin? Think about what it would be like. And Carter always says, "I am a twin!". He has been telling people about him being a twin a lot lately. It's funny because they always step back and look at both of them and say, yep you are a twin. I was looking at the questions on the assessment for their 3 year doctor appointment (getting a head start) and one of the questions is if they can answer correctly if they are a boy or a girl. Davis said boy, Carter said twin. I wonder if that counts?

Okay, so the pics to day are from all the scanning fun I have had lately. It has been more work than I expected but I am quite happy to have these pics in digital format to preserve them and also to be able to play with them. I seriously have no clue what to do with actualy physical photographs. They are always stuffed in a back room. But in a digital format I have been making photo books (so I don't actually scrapbook, this is the next best thing!), videos, etc. Guess what our mother's are getting for Christmas? Seriously I am a photo gift nerd, it's sad, but I have so much free stuff on artscow, what's a girl to do? So look ahead here and see if you can guess who the boys look like?
Wasn't Lowell the cutest little boy ever? I have just loved looking through his photos and his mom took a lot.
Here's me Easter '83 or so I think. I have the chicken pox (I shared them with my best friend Kristina who is still my best friend how about that? Oh and Kris, I have some good black mail shots from our childhood I have scanned, watch out! :p)
Here's Lowell and I when we were first dating, hard to believe it has been 7 years. Even harder to believe that I didn't own a digital camera yet or use photo websites. Shocker! I am going back and making the wedding video I should have done but didn't yet know how, like the one I did for my brother with the baby photos and then when we were dating. Stay tuned!

So I think you'll agree that the answer is Lowell, the boys look like Lowell now and when he was little. Which works out great because even my own mother says I wasn't a cute baby (something about how my brother was so much cuter, whatever!).

So . . . as usual after me rambling a bit I will get back to the title of today's blog post. This week we had three UVMOM (Utah Valley Moms of Multiples) events and it was a good week for me. I really don't have very many real life friends and the twin club has been so great for that for me. It's a sisterhood of gals who just understand what the others are going through. Because even though you have watched someone with twins or even babysat them, you really don't understand what it is like to have twins unless you have them too. The other great benefit is that there are several sets of twins close to my boys in age in the club so we love hanging out with them. Wednesday we had play group at the zoo when 2 other sets of twins my kids' age were there, so perfect play time. Unfortunately out of the blue Davis threw up in the car as soon as we got in the parking lot. I didn't have a change of clothes and I had carpooled so there wasn't many other options than to let him sit in his stinky shirt. Poor little guy. He said his tummy felt better after that but he has been off and on all week. He seems to feel well if he takes it easy and rests plenty but he seems to be having a lot of nightmares and not sleeping well at all, so that's not helping. He'll sleep at night but wake up numerous times and then not nap at all during the day (I think he's afraid to sleep because of the nightmares). We've been working on it with him and he is getting better. Anyway, back to the zoo. We did have a good time even after the little vomit incident and I really liked visiting with my friends. We had 2 turns on the carousel and one on the train plus had some fun playing jungle instruments before the elephant show. We had to take off sooner than I expected for my dentist appointment which was a bummer because I think the boys would have liked to play on the playground with the other kids for a while. They were getting pretty cranky though, so maybe it was just as well. So Thursday night was mom's night out and we had a chocolate fountain and gab session. Always a nice way to relax, visit, and catch up on potty training tips! Then last night was the summer family party (we don't always have this many activities back to back, it was kind of a fluke) at Payson pool. The water was a little chilly for my liking but the boys refused to get out even when their teeth were chattering. I enjoyed visiting with even more friends including some I hadn't seen in a while so that was cool. And it is always cool to see everyone's kids and their husbands. It's kind of funny though because the moms and the kids know each other but we only invite the hubbies to 3 things a year so they are not as close. Lowell seemed a little lost with that, but he said he just wasn't really in a social mood that night. The boys enjoyed swimming with him though. There were a couple of sets of brand new twins, so crazy to think back to what that was like. I don't think I would like to go back even to give up the tantrum fun that is 2 year olds, but I do have some fond memories of those days. I can't remember a lot because of the sleep deprivation though. Probably for the best. We ended up home very late last night after a stop at grandmas to warm up and have a snack (don't grandmas always have the best snacks, I remember having the best treats with my grandma. Last night it was apples, cheese, and animal crackers, thanks Naomi!). So we didn't get to bed until past 11 but it was a good time and I was glad to get out and visit. I guess I owe Lowell now, shhh . . .don't tell him ;).

Today I am back to work and that's it for now. No major plans next week, Hillary starts back to school on Monday and Cyndel has already been for a week. My play friends are gone :(. It is still quite warm during the day but the nights are starting to have a touch of chill and the days are getting shorter. The inevitable is happening, fall is coming. I have been waiting for this fall for nearly 3 years, waiting for my dad to come home (less than a month now, woohoo!) but I still am never happy to see cold weather come. We'll keep outside as long as we can and then just bundle up more. I am hoping this winter will be better than the last two as maybe the kids will be able to do more outside even though it is cold. And maybe they'll be able to do more constructive things inside, I am already getting a list of toys ready for their birthday and Christmas, stuff to keep them busy through the cold months and hopefully not drive me crazy! Well, happy Sunday to you all, be back soon!


Queen Mother said...

I don't know, I see a lot of Lowell but I also see a whole lot of Dodenbier. A mix is just perfect. Whatever it is, it's great..because they're precious.

(oh and about the blackmail pics...girl, I know where you live... and I can be there in 9 hours, just over an hour by plane...)

Cyndel said...

oh my.

your play buddy is still here, just has to go be responsible and go to school.