Sunday, August 10, 2008

I hate being sick!

So there are lots of people sicker than me by far and I have no right to compain, but since this is my sounding board and y'all have no say about it, I am going to compain anyway. Blah! Feel free to skip to the next paragraph to see what the munchkins have been up to. I picked up a little chest cold at Yellowstone that has lingered with a sore throat added during the week but even that was manageable. Then I had a few nights with activities and work which left me with very little sleep and gave the cold an opportunity. Oddly the cold moved up not down and did not resolve itself as it went, it is lingering everywhere! So by last night I still had the narly chest cold with accompanying painful cough, horribly sore throat which nothing seems to help, nasal congestion, and sinus pressure filling my whole head, so much so it was leaking out my eye last night, yeah that's gross! Ugh, I just feel crappy and tired and blech! Here's hoping a little rest helps a lot (Lowell put me right to bed last night and I did get a full night's rest. DayQuil is helping me limp through work today). Okay enough complaining . . .

So this week has been pretty busy. First we just needed to recover from the trip, my van is still trashed even though Lowell had it spotless before we left. Thursday we went swimming, we love the Legacy center pool! and then helped Robbie with his new house. My bro sold his townhouse and bought a big house in Slate Canyon. He is single still but is renting out the rooms and it works out pretty well for him actually. It is a nice house and he will fill in with nice things, being Robbie. We hd Dairy Queen that night and headed home late. Friday Lowell stayed home to work on our basement room which flooded (again!). This time we'll only have to replace half a room of pad but now we have to replace the bottom portion of one wall of sheet rock as well as base boards. I think Lowell has isolated the problem--a combo of a hole is the foundation and a sprinkler that was pooling, so here's hoping after he makes these repairs we will be done fixing that room! If not I am seriously going to tile down there and save on replacing the pad a couple of times a year. Anyway, while Lowell worked on that the boys and I went to my cousin Jared's wedding reception with my mom, Hillary, and Jay. Let's just say I was very tired, sick, and very cranky! The boys weren't exactly on their best behavior either and the trip wasn't entirely pleasant. The reception was fun though, the boys made some new friends and wore themselves out running around, I got to visit with my aunts/uncles and congratulate Jared and Tanya, and they had Coldstone, so it couldn't be all bad! So that's the fun we have had this week!

The shots above are first, Lowell and the boys when I tried to recreate a shot from last year. It didn't turn out as good obviously, but it makes me smile anyway. A gold star for my Davey-boy. And no, the participants would not allow me another shot! The second 2 are this crazy idea the boys came up with to run around with their pull ups over their PJs, I think I have mentioned it already on here. So funny though, weird things they come up with. Like lately they keep asking to go to the doctor. Any complaint leads to 'go see doctor?'. When I come home from work (I work in a hospital lab and wear scrubs for those who don't know) they ask, 'Mommy, you doctor? You see doctor?' I don't know where they got this from but it does make me smile. Also yesterday they were playing in the sandbox while mommy vegged a little and daddy went to the store for me (always my hero Lowell!) and they would count down from 3 then throw their sand in the air and yell, 'Surprise! Happy Birthday Mommy!' No clue where that's from and for a minute I cringed at the sand getting everywhere but then relaxed and just let them be dirty and be boys! They are certainly all boy, no doubt on that one. Even though Carter has a liking for Princesses, one that Lowell does not let him expand upon, but I think it is cute when he looks on with wide eyed wonder at the Barbie Princess ad on Curious George. They are my silly sweet, and rather naughty and mischevious little boys. I couldn't love them any more! I think of those who would give anything to have their little one well enough or even alive to be coloring on the walls and just count my blessings. The Lord is good, even when I am not. Blessings on each of you this Sunday!

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Queen Mother said...

I'm so sorry that you have been so sick-it sounds awful!!

I'm so happy to have found your blog-thank you, Facebook.

Love you girlie