Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Enjoying the Harvest

So this year the boys and I have tried our hands as gardners. I thought it would be a cool learning experience about plants and growth, etc. and just plain old something to do. So they push the little seed in the Dixie cup and helped me water and we waited and we watched. And lo and behold most of our little seeds really did sprout. I think I was the most excited, but it was cool for the boys too. So we transplanted the seedlings when the weather finally turned warm and alas, only 4 plants have survived, some just not thriving in the new soil, some stepped on by dogs and yes, Lowell (I mourn you little pumpkin). The biggest of these and the only producing vast amounts of produce at this point is our yellow squash (the beans have some starters and the cantaloupe is growing, but no little fruit yet meaning it is unlikely we will get a ripe one off before winter). The boys are quite proud of their plants and I am thrilled to have something we planted from a seed make the full life cycle, now I can save some seeds and we can repeat next year. Last year we planted 3 zucchini and never harvested a one, though the tomatoes and watermelon were good. This year we can't think of enough to do with the zucchini, cucumbers, and squash and have no tomatoes on 4 plants and the watermelon just died. I guess you just never know with gardening, and I must insert here to be honest that yes the boys and I put the seed in the cup, but Lowell does all the watering, weeding, fertilizing, etc. I really should take no pride in accomplishment, but heck I still do! We are finding new ways to use squash and I found one that Lowell just loves that we are having tonight. I sautee zucchini and squash and then cook some sausage then mix them together with some fresh tomato (someone's garden is growing them and we traded!) and a can of spaghetti sauce. Put it on noodle and voila, my harvest put to good, fairly healthy use. The boys love carbs, so they'll even eat this one. I even made my grandma's vinegar and cucumber salad, I am so excited to eat! Yes I preoccupy myself with food a lot of the day, it is a love of mine. It is almost too bad this cold has not affected my appetite, the last one I lost 3 lbs. . .
Speaking of, thanks for the support I think I have finally turned a corner on the cold front. The chest cold part is easing up, so here's hoping! Tomorrow I have one of my most dreaded appointments, the dentist (I have to admit the gynecologist is worse for me). I have awful teeth and need so much work every time I go, blech, not looking forward to that one. I am such a whiner these days . . .How about some happier things. How about my darling boys, lately they have been telling me such cute things, like 'Mommy tute (cute)' or 'Mommy pretty eyes'. Seriously they say that, such an ego boost. Well they also say, 'Mommy big tummies' but I think they are referring to my bust so I am not offended. Sunday we had dinner at Mike and Sina's who were kind enough to make us all ribs, yummy and let us adore our little nieces a bit. Such cuties, little Livy is turning one next week, hard to believe. Yesterday I took the boys to the gym, yep I was coughing like crazy and could hardly breathe but wasn't going to pass up having someone else chase the boys for an hour and a half! They really like to go to and I didn't want to disappoint them so I just went and walked and watched Transformers. And today we went to the park and busted out the art supplies. We are working on discipline with them, again, which is tough because when we put our foot down they fight back for the first while. But then they wear down and return to my sweet boys, so we'll keep on it. We are trying Love and Logic again, this time the version for Young Children. When we took the class it was tough because the boys weren't really ready cognitively or verbally for choices, but I think they are better now. We also use 1,2,3 Magic and lots of prayer in our child-rearing techniques. And anyone who knows my kids would say we are pretty much failing on that front, but hey, can't say we aren't trying! I also had a small potty victory today, we watched the Pull-Ups movie today (free from their website if you want it) and the boys liked the little songs and wanted to dance. They both used the potty this morning and before nap and when I went to put a diaper on Davis he said,"No, want unnerwears, Diedo unnerwears." I reminded him that we don't pee in our underwear and put on the Diego pull-ups. I fully expect he did pee in them, especially during nap, but I was excited just that he wanted to wear them and was grasping the concept that he wants to be a big boy. We have also started having them do some simple chores, this week is putting their dishes away in the sink. It's a work in progress and we plan to add a few more as we go along, put your dirty clothes away, pick up your toys, etc. We probably should have done this sooner, but we starting now and that's just how it is. I'll add the chores to their sticker chart and they can keep working toward toys or outings. I am feeling pretty good about myself as a mom with these new things and a healthy dinner prepared. Patting myself on the back! :)
My next project is working on old photos. This weekend on my death bed from work (yep there's the whining again) I scanned all the old photos for Lowell and I (like baby pics) and some from when we first met. I need to get them all cleaned up and then move them into photobooks (my free ones expire in Sept, time to get moving!) and videos for our moms. I'll give myself until Christmas on the videos, so I think I'll get it done. (I said that on a cross-stitch piece I started for my friend's second son, it remains unfinished as her next son is now 2, safe to say I don't always finish what I start!). I'm also enjoying the Olympics on nbc.com, hooray for playing it online and giving me something to do! And I am thinking about the boys' birthday, less than 2 months to go--just a mental note since I'll forget it, I am thinking about Walkie Talkies and Remote control cars for them, plus some movies, books, and art supplies. Some of that will probably be Christmas though, just thinking of indoor activities to get me through the winter. Well, thanks for letting me ramble, time for that dinner and some Olympics! :)

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Queen Mother said...

Wish I were there for their birthday, I'd make them a cake...

I think you're doing great on the potty training front. It's really hard! You'll get through it!!