Monday, August 18, 2008

Kid funnies

So this photo is a reminder to me after one of the later stories of why I love my kids. They are so funny, cute and zany. This was after the ill-fated trip to my cousin's reception. They seem pretty happy considering. I think the fact that my cold was brewing and I had been up for 19 hours made it less amusing to me, but not enough to not take some pics. Davey's shirt is pink because he decided to spit his clear colored drink all over himself and it leached the pink stain out of his carseat straps (oh yeah, my car is so clean!). The pink did come out in the wash though . . .
This is a visual of a story I already mentioned, how the boys love to count to 3, then throw sand in the air and yell surprise. I still don't get it, but hey whatever floats their boats.
So here is the story of the week: I made a trip to the bathrooms, because after all even moms have to use the facilities sometimes. I had left the boys with cups of yogurt which they love and eat really well and Dragon Tales on. When I emerged I immediately saw yogurt across the hall and all the way to the top of the hall closet door. I then turned the corner and saw yogurt in big globs on the floor and all 4 pieces of furniture in the living room (by an unfortunate oversight in judgement we got soft comfy suede leather which it turns out is stained by everything including water no matter how hard you try and is especially harshly stained by dairy--come to think of it, that is an odd piece of knowledge to already know first hand) and when I found them they were smearing the yogurt all over the TV with Carter paying special attention to rub it in the speakers because it made a fun sound. I guess I couldn't have been too upset since I right away grabbed the camera to share the moment with all of you. (Note how they are continuing even after being caught!)
I thought the appropriate punishment was of course to have them help clean up, though the help lasted not much longer than this photo. They then started sucking the yogurt out of the rag and goofing off so the punishment became being in time out for the duration of time it took me to clean it up. This was longer than their standard one minute per year of age but I think some circumstances deserve exceptions. I had to laugh when I got Carter out of his room, I asked him what he did wrong and he said, "made mess yogurt." I said that's right and he followed with "mommy pretty eyes, mommy pretty hair". Pretty smooth talker for 2 don't ya think? That day was fun for Lowell too as we had some good potty training success that morning, they both stayed dry all morning and had successful potty trips but as soon as I left for the dentist (shocker, only one broken filling and no cavities, maybe the curse is broken! I am used to 8 or so cavities per visit, I think there isn't enough actual tooth left for cavities now, hooray!) Davis peed his cloth undies as he talked to Lowell and Carter pooed in his while Lowell cleaned up Davis. Sorry, honey!
Here was another funny, the day Carter decided to eat dinner with a box on his head. Lowell joined in and that made me laugh even more, him sipping his drink through the handle slot. The boys both ate with Happy Meal boxes on their heads at lunch today, you know, whatever!
And there's my handsome hubby all content after a good meal for our anniversary. He is such a hottie and I am beyond spoiled to have him in my life. I can certainly say listening to the spirit pays off, Lowell gets better and better with time. I think I go the other way, but he still thinks I am taking pity on him. Anyway, we had 20 oz tomahawk ribeye steaks at The Cabin for our anniversary dinner. It was so good. And so quiet! It's the kind of place where they don't bring the next course until you finish the first and let you sit and digest before they bring the check. The meal took nearly 2 hours and it was so restful. Ahhhh. We stayed the night at Park City Peaks hotel which did have a very comfy bed and we slept in until 10. Heaven! Then we went to the outlets to shop shop shop and my darling Lowell even said he was having a good time. It helps that we went to the Polo outlet where we found him $85 shirts for $15. I loaded up on 3.99 fall specials at Carter's plus a 20% discount which I also had at OshKosh and I got lots of summer 1.99 and 2.99 deals plus 15% off at Children's Place. I get so excited at new clothes time! I only buy clothes twice a year, summer clearance and fall in late summer and winter clearance, spring clothes in early spring. Each year I find the sale items from the year before and it is so exciting, I just found the gorgeous sweaters I bought last year for dirt cheap in the closet, I can hardly wait for cold weather. No, I take that back, but still new clothes are so fun. I on the other hand have holy, stained and thread-bare clothes and have very little interest in buying anything new. It's just no fun buying for me. Blech! We were going to go to a zipline and alpine slide at the Olympic park after shopping but it was super busy and I chickened out after seeing the zipline! Yep, I'm a woos. So we went and got Cheesecake Factory on the way home instead. Wise choice.

(I wrote this while I waited for my slow tonight computer to load the photos, so if it seems out of place that's why!)

Wow, it's been almost a week since I last posted and I am getting itchy to blog! It is actually a nice place to vent and to journal, I am surprised how much I like to blog. And even though I would still do it for 0 readers, I am surprised at the fact that some of my dear friends and family members actually do read my musings. So hi all, I love you, thanks for caring about me and my crazy kids. You rock!
Anyway, I just had to write about some of the crazy and funny things in my life the last couple of days. For instance yesterday at church I was in the nursery as usual (don't you love it when your kid is finally old enough for nursery so you can enjoy class, but instead they put you in nursery? Don't you love it even more when they leave you in there for more than a year after you just moved into a ward to the extent that you know no one in the ward and can't even remember what Relief Society was like--partially because you have never attended it in this building? Yeah, me too . . .) Anyway, so my cute little 3 year old friend was doing puzzles with me and I was admiring her hairstyle and her painted nails, she is a darling dainty little thing when she announces to me that he daddy is a "Big, Fat, Butt Sniffer." What I asked and she was happy to repeat it a few times for me. I couldn't stop laughing it really was so funny under the circumstances. I mentioned it to her mom in the hall and she said it is from a movie called "Homeward Bound" which I think I have actually seen. It has 2 dogs and a cat and the cat calls one of the dogs a butt sniffer. This cute little mom's kids just clung to that phrase and have enjoyed saying it as much as possible. Too funny!
Saturday was a busy fun day for us. After we got back from Park City, Lowell and I took the boys to my niece Alivya's 1st birthday. She is such a cutie and had a ice cream party because that's what she loves. I think she loves cake too, because she tore into that thing! :-) What a sweet gal, the boys enjoyed visiting and playing with my other niece Hannah too. We then went to my mom's work party and though they were grumpy as bedtime loomed they really enjoyed the bounce houses that were there. There was a short obstacle course one that was just perfect for them. They could do it on there own and they just kep going over and over. If I can find it to rent I may do that for their birthday party instead of the Children's Garden. It took a lot to drag them away but grandma supplied a snow cone and the night went down pretty well.
I think that is all the fun and funnies things I have to share for now. Stay tuned! :)


Queen Mother said...

I know I should not be laughing but OH, what stinkers! They are so cute, and so feisty..just as little boys should be. I know it's hard to think of it while you're in the thick of it, but enjoy them while they are young...these stages do not last long and (surprisingly!), you will look back and laugh and remember fondly their escapades.

They are so darn cute, I love them so much!

Miss you girl~

Scott and Jillian said...

I love reading your blog, Heidi! It is so funm and makes me wish we had had more time to get to know each other when we lived in UT.

If UVMOM came to St, George I would have to find a way to get myself up there for sure!! I hope they have a thriving MOMs group here in Phoenix, 'cause UVMOM was the best!