Friday, February 29, 2008

Saint Patrick's Day (2006!)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
We celebrated by wearing a little green and going to lunch with Daddy and his siblings. We got to play with Grandma and Grandpa P too. Saturday we mostly hung out at home except for a trip to Home Depot to get some flowers. Mommy and Daddy can't wait for Spring, little did they know that we would get a foot of snow overnight. Hahaha they are so silly. Sunday we got to go to church where everyone said we were so cute and we behaved ourselves for the most part. It isn't easy to sit still for 3 hours, but we did take a nap. Then Grandma D and Mommy's siblings came up for dinner and for a photo shoot. We wore our new Tommy V-neck sweater vests and looked SO dapper. You will all see soon. Carter had a great time with his feet and Davis enjoyed playing with his tongue. We both like to hold toys a lot now and especially to put them in our mouths. So fun. We had a little cereal too, Mommy learned not to feed us at the same time any more as Carter is too inpatient for his turn. Mommy just can't believe how big we are getting and how fast we have grown. Can't help you mom, we got places to go. Catch ya later all-

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