Friday, February 29, 2008

A day off=fun for Mommy!

So I have had a couple of days off, 2 I normally have off and one I took off as I did not have a sitter. My wonderful mother-in-law wrangles the boys every other Friday, but every 6 weeks she has to work so Lowell or I take the day off. Did I mention how wonderful she is with them? She brings them fruit every week and a Kid's Cuisine and plays with them until they are all exhausted. I am excited to say we got into the 2 year old preschool for the fall which will give grandma a little bit of a break while I am at work. But I digress . . .
Wednesday we went to the Farm Country and it was so cool if actually cold, we never seem to get out until the sun is setting and then the cold sets in fast. Anyway there was a 1 day old, 2 day old, and 4 day old calf at the farm and they were SO cute. They were feeding them when we came and the guy asked Lowell to help, so he got to feed a whole bottle. It cracked me up when he took the bottle away for a second to let some air in and the calf lunged at his groin searching for milk. Not gonna find it there. . .The boys loved feeding the goats corn and really had fun with the various chickens and turkeys. They imitated their noises and just laughed. Fun times.
Thursday I hit the outlet mall and got some good deals. Spent $50 on fall clothes for next year at OshKosh, saved $217 and spent $25 on very cute shirts at VanHeusen for me and saved $71. Got some ice cream on the way home and took some very cute pictures that night, see above. Every now and again the boys will just participate with photos and I get some great shots. Those are the things I will remember in years to come, so I take a lot. Any time my kids are smiling or hugging, I try to be there. They played find Daddy downstairs in the dark with their glow sticks and just had a really good time. Lowell is so good with the boys. He is a full-time hands on Dad as we switch off watching them--we both work full-time--and somehow he still finds time to get all the cleaning done. He is definitely SuperDad. The gals at his work have asked to borrow him but I have to say sorry, you just have to choose well in the beginning and I got so very very lucky.
So Friday was my bonus day at home and that was great because I had some fun preschool things planned. We painted the orange juice cartons we have been saving and made trains out of them. It was a good day although the boys seemed tired and cranky maybe they are getting their molars, I can never keep on top of all that. I had them in their Valentine outfits as I did not get pictures that day and somehow I had this crazy idea that I could keep them clean until Lowell got home and could get them to smile for my pictures. Well, it almost worked. Five minutes before naptime they found a nice juicy mud puddle outside and had a great time getting all dirty. What can you say, they are boys and they LOVE mud! So I took pictures of them in the mud, those will be my Valentine pictures this year :). We rounded out the night going to Jungle Jim's--it's like a glorified Chuck E Cheese and you don't have to buy the pizza. The funniest part was when the boys so badly wanted to ride the bumper cars but are too small. They said we could ride with them but the cars were too small for us. So Lowell and I dutifully drove our little men around with one leg sticking out of the car and pushing the pedal with one hand. The things we do for those boys!
Anyway, a good couple of days off but it is nice to be back at work and productive again. Or maybe I just needed to check my email and ebay bids . . .

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