Friday, February 29, 2008

Introducing . . .us!

Welcome everyone to our website! Let us introduce ourselves, we are Carter and Davis Penrod, the fantastic duo! About a year ago our mommy and daddy were anxious to start their little family and were pleasantly surprised when the pregnancy test came up positive. They of course had no clue of the real surprise in store for them, that we were both busily growing away. Mother's Day 2005 Mommy's nurse friend Marnae did a quick ultrasound for her and surprise! there we both were, kicking away and healthy. Mommy and Daddy couldn't be more thrilled, nervous for the future of course, but so happy to be doubly blessed. We made Mommy plenty sick, but other than that we were good little tenants until Davis decided he had had it with the tight accomodations and broke his water on October 6, 2005 (about 6 weeks early). We had a rough couple of weeks as our lungs matured, we learned how to eat, and we gained some weight. The hardest part was being seperated, we missed each other so much. Above you can see when we were reunited, Carter's color improved almost immediately and we got to go home the next day. We have been growing like weeds ever since, passing most expectations for us we are developmentally on schedule and catching up fast with our size. We keep Mommy and Daddy very busy, but we can tell they love us too. We just have busy little minds and hands and want to learn about everything! Won't you join us in our explorations?

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