Thursday, March 15, 2012

Updating . . .

Loading . . .loading . . .K, time for some updates!
We have been busy as usual but also having lots of fun. The kids are just growing and changing so much I can hardly stand it. These big bubbas are almost 6 and a half! I had to double check that, I can't believe they are that old. They'll be in senior primary next year, that's nuts! They are loving kindergarten and doing so well.
Carter is quite the little reader, he has advanced to the 1st grade readers in the reading class and is at the top of his K class. His teacher adores him (we love her too!). She says he just makes her laugh all the time. He is working on improving his writing and is doing well with math concepts as well. He is very animated about things he is interested in right now. He's quite into Star Wars, legos, playing the wii and xbox kinect, and playing with friends. He has a bunch of buddies at school but I am surprised at the drama that brings about already. On again off again friends and the hurt feelings that go along with it. Ugh, but I guess that's our life for a while. His eyes and smile can win me over about any day and we all just love our Carter boy!
My big Davis is my little sweetie. He loves to cuddle with mom and I'm all for that. Davis loves to play computer games and Spongebob. He is also doing quite well in school, though maybe not quite as good as his brother. Some of that may be teacher based, but that's another story. He also has a bunch of friends at school and our little neighbor who is in his class is probably his best friend--partially because they are able to play together more since they are on the same street (they aren't allowed to leave our court). He has had some struggles with mean kids (1 nasty little girl in particular) who like to tease and demean him at school. Makes me very mad. We are working on building him up though so he knows his worth is not dependent on stupid little girls (sorry, I hate her!). He is really improving in his reading and even more so in his writing. He needs time to focus to do his best work so we see it at home but the over-stimulation that is a K classroom hinders him at times. He is very good with tools and likes to be my cooking helper. He struggles with sleep issues a little as well. Though he hasn't had an accident in a week--he is really starting to do well overcoming his encopresis issues (C man not so much).

And then there's out little Claire Bear. Claire-inessa, Cute stuff, Booger, Sister, oh she is so full of life and spunk! This little munchkin rules our house. She is a very busy little lady and sometimes a bit too much of a diva but mostly fun. Her vocabulary is really picking up, she's been getting a few new words each week. The past few were ball, cracker, pretty (for painted toenails, hair things, etc), juice, please, thank you, car, and go. She has a few phrases like What's that? And Let's go car. She is still signing as well, milk, take a bath, dog, fish, eat. Knowing what she wants has been helpful although not always when you don't want to or can't give her just what she wants in the moment.
She has had a couple of colds in the last little bit (we all have) and she is so pathetic when she is sick. Makes it hard to nurse and then she's just mad. I am getting to weaning her, I wanted to to make it to 18 months and she'll be there in a couple of days. We are down to 1-2 feedings a day and very little volume. She still enjoys it though, so we'll see. We have her 18 month appt soon, so I'll see how her growth is, she seems sturdy and healthy to me. Her hair is growing so long too and the curls are still there. She really has great hair--shiny in the sun, straight on top for styling and curly in the back. It is just plain mess head if you don't do anything with it though. She's gotten pretty patient about me doing it, she sits on the edge of the sink in my bathroom and I whip something up pretty quick while she plays with whatever she can reach.
She loves to be outside, to be into everything, and to eat. This girl has a major appetite (the boys were underweight preemies, so this is kind of new). She'll eat about anything, but does feed a fair amount to the dogs. They like her a lot. She really loves books and will plop in your lap so you can read to her (and reread, she can do her pop up books or musical books over and over). She also loves to color--trying to be like her big bros doing their homework. If she is tired enough she'll cuddle but mostly she's moving. Thankfully she's a pretty good sleeper, but doesn't nap as long as her bros did. She likes to go--Let's go car but doesn't love sitting in her stroller. If she can get out and roam a new place, she's about as happy as she can be. She doesn't like being left out of things either--her new thing is turning off the xbox while people are playing, I think because she can't join in.
The 3 of them are pretty good pals and the boys are very helpful with the little miss. She doesn't like to share my attention with them but otherwise seems to enjoy them. Such fun times we have at our house!
And Lowell and I are much the same, except a little smaller. We've been counting calories and exercising the past 2 months and Lowell is down nearly 40 lbs (!) and me going on 20. Feels good and hasn't been terribly hard. I miss some of my junk but I can still have some if I stay within my calories. I love for keeping track. And we all can't wait for Spring! :)

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