Thursday, March 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Fun

I don't seem to have many pics from January--it was mostly mild and we had fun at our usual places. The boys have been really into playing with friends and Claire is pretty happy chilling at home with her toys so we have also stayed home a fair amount. Here's some random shots of Claire- Always trying new hair styles--double twist under with pony at the end.

And twist back to meet in the middle.
Simple double piggys--just playing outside after the boys went to school one day.

And these are our dressy Valentine pics:
Davis looks so grown up!

I like this shot of Carter boy
Claire Vday hair, kind of sort of made a heart.

Love the boots!
Claire went to her first Valentine's Day party this year with the twin club. A little crazy, but good times.
Checking out the loot
Mmm, yes I'll have a sucker.
Passed out on the way home--sucker still attached.
This was the kitchen V Day morning with their surprises waiting.
This year's V Day cards
My flowers from Lowell

And V Day breakfast.

This year I did 14 days of Valentines for Lowell, just little things but that was fun. The boys had a dr appt before school on Valentines which was pretty stressful for me (I am not a fan of their GI Doc and over an hour in a little room with minimal entertainment and 3 kids is about enough to do anyone in!). It wasn't my best day but Lowell was sure trying with the flowers and bringing me a nice steak dinner at work. The boys had fun getting their valentines at school too. Another fun holiday in the books.

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