Tuesday, January 31, 2012


2 posts in one week, hey I may just catch up. We had a lovely Christmas season. It has been unseasonably warm with very little snow, so while we very much mourned our traditional New Year's Day sled trip, we have enjoyed riding bikes and playing outside. We also spent some time at our usual haunts, zoo (renewed out pass, oh how Claire loves it there and we adore the quieter winter atmosphere), aquarium, dino museum, Trafalga, Classic Fun Center, Jumpin Jacks (we got a pass for that month too).
Joseph getting into more mischief--helping me with my homemade gift goal (a homemade gift for everyone on my list). Look, I learned how to use my sewing machine!! Salt Dough ornaments
At the boys' Chrismas programs (they both did so well and were fun for the weeks ahead as they sang to us at home. I was really proud of both of then--I had video if anyone wants to see it). Claire decided she was attending the event incognito.
We braved the cold to catch zoo lights at the zoo. They had Santa this year which was a nice bonus. They all had a really good time and then we all enjoyed some hot cocoa. :)

Sending our letters to the North Pole
Claire-Berry's curls after the bath. I keep taking pics because I don't know how long we'll get to see them.

Lowell helped with this display--the boys got such a kick out of finding Joseph each morning.

I made Snowman Oreo truffle balls for my extended family party. Rumor has it they were very good (I don't care for Oreos so it was 1 treat that was easy for me to skip). And I did the faces in the car--such a multi-tasker (or procrastinator . . . )

Davis with our very favorite Santa (my uncle Kevin)

And Carter

Claire was so intrigued.

Group shot--one BIG happy family! There were 7 in my dad's family (his younger brother passed away from cancer and my grandpa died that same year--but other than that it is just always growing).

After the family party we met up with my family (minus Hill who had to work and BJ who is just a kill joy) to see the lights at Temple square. We usually go Christmas Eve, but Dec 23rd was close enough.

Christmas Eve we celebrated with Lowell's family, somehow those pics didn't make it on here. We were at our house this year, had a lovely dinner then shared some dessert and gifts. The kids had a great time and then headed off to bed listening for reindeer bells. I stayed up for a while and Dinda and Tam were very gracious in helping me to wrap. There was a lot--but all good deals I can assure you.

Christmas morning was a blast. The boys loved everything they got and Claire got a kick out of her gifts and the wrapping. My gift this year was a DSLR camera. Yeah me! Watch out for all the pics now, I am having too much fun with it.

Lowell got Missy a tiara and shoes set, of how she loves it. This little lady is all girl.

The aftermath

Attempt at a Christmas photo

We went up to my parents' house after church and exchanged more gifts and ate some more. My homemade gifts turned out good and I think everyone liked them, that photo is missing too. All the kids got crayon rolls, the women punched washer necklaces, and then men scarves. I also made heart shaped hand warmers for neighbors and teachers and a yummy body scrub for whoever that fit for. Oh, and some picture frames for the great-grandparents.

The one gift the kids consistently asked for was a Zombie Brain Lab. Seriously grossest thing ever. Their buddies A&A came and tested it out with them. Despite the faces, they really had a good time. They have since added the Zombie stomach, oh my. For those looking into it, I was impressed with the amount of product they give you, the kids can do each activity lots of times with the product provided and the science of it is pretty cool. Taste is only okay.

More playing with my camera with my little gal.

She is getting so tall and funny. She has personality coming out her ears. Busy busy silly little lady. And sometimes mean, she will bite, scratch, pull hair if she doesn't get what she wants.

She is saying and signing more words all the time. This week she has been big into signing fish, dog, eat, all done, and shoes. She likes to say shoes, fish, hi, wow, yay, uh oh, mama, dada, bubba, and plenty of shrieks and jibberish.

The big boys have been busy too. They are both doing great in school and Carter is already into first grade reading. Their writing still lags but is improving. They are funny and mischeiveous They are really into friends now and phone calls and play dates. The continue to be very interested in girls and the girls are into them too. We are in trouble.

For New Year's Lowell didn't want to have a party. Just do our own thing. And I said I was fine with that. I still picked up some party gear and treats and planned to have a quiet night. I did mention it wasn't much of a holiday without family over though and that I wasn't planning to stay up until midnight. And the kids kept complaining that they wanted their cousins over, so Lowell caved and invited his fam over last minute. It turned out really fun.

We ate, did fireworks, and screamed happy new year at I think 9 pm. Then we put the kids to bed, visited for a bit and then it seems like Lowell and I watched a few shows and saw 2012 come in.

Just some more shots of my girl--she grows so stinkin fast her clothes don't fit for very long.

Standing on her bouncy zebra--she has the bad combination her brothers had, agility, strength, and no fear.

Silly sassy girl, we can't get enough!

She can walk all over the house in her little heels. I can't even believe it.

Alright, another couple holidays done. Now on to January!

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