Monday, August 16, 2010

Tired . . .

So, it's been 2 weeks since I posted and even though there are few pics to show for it, there's no way I'll remember everything we did. Really, I hit 32 weeks and have just petered out energy wise. I'm sure this happened with the boys too, probably worse in fact, but at the time all I did was work and occasionally walk the dogs. I could sleep most of the day. That's been the hardest thing about pregnancy #2, the products of #1 still need to be cared for. Of course I feel like I am slacking but we've still been busy.
Wednesday it seems like I stayed home and crashed, tired and irritable from chasing the kids all morning already, while Lowell took the boys on an interesting side trip. The bubbas have been curious about where water goes (and bodily functions . . .) and where trash goes. So Lowell took them to the dump and they let him drive around and show the kids--I know we have fascinating outings, but it was what the kids wanted to do. They're still talking about it. Then they drove by the sewer plant and discussed that as well. I don't know if that's unusual for kids to wonder about, but I guess it's nice to know the answer to their questions.
Let's see, Thursday we hiked to Battle Creek falls with Carlie from UVMOM and her darling twinners. She inspires me that I'll be able to keep getting out doing stuff, we'll just bring Claire along. It was a nice hike, the weather held out and the boys were fairly well behaved. Wore me out a bit though, seemed steeper than the last time I went. I didn't take any pics though, lame.
Friday we went to the gym and the boys were painted like Spiderman again. Lowell also climbed Timp with our friend Sam, and his co-worker Mike. They had a good time and Lowell is excited to go again already. I think he's crazy. I kind of want to go again, but I remember how hard it was too. We joined Sam and Mike (and his wife) for dinner that night at Texas Roadhouse, yum! Thanks Grandma P for sitting with our bubbas.
Saturday was the boys' last T-ball game. I got more attached to their soccer games and its players, not sure why. I think the boys did better at T-ball and enjoyed it more. But here they are with their medals:
They took them everywhere for a while and were sure to show them off to the grandparents. Saturday night we joined Cyndel for a birthday dinner which she graciously chose to have at a restaurant the kids could handle (Zupa's) but they still didn't do very well and I was a big fat grouch. Sunday we had cake with family too and that went a bit better.
Monday we started swim lessons and oh my goodness how they love it. It's 30 minutes a day, every day for 2 weeks. To me it's a hassle. Get all dressed and drive over with just enough time for me to sit and catch my breath before I am gathering them up again. But it is good to learn to swim, obviously, and I couldn't be happier with the teachers they got this year. For the first time I chose to put them in separate classes. I wanted to try it out and see if they are less distracted, destructive apart and it has seemed to help. Their teachers I think agree with me as every time the classes swim past each other (there are multiple classes going on at the same time) the boys seem to get rowdy and the teachers then struggle to figure out which kid is "theirs". Of course that is speculative--the parents sit quite a ways away and I am guessing from my vantage point. Anywho, Davis got a pretty girl teacher and has 2 pretty girls in his class with him. The teacher gives him lots of attention and of course he eats that up. Carter got a silly boy teacher with other boys in his class as well and from where I sit, they are always splashing and making loud noises. Carter tends to mention dolphins and boogers in response to what he is learning. They are just so charismatic those boys, from the first day as I went to pick them up several of the teachers were chatting and laughing with them. Now there seems to be multiple inside jokes with them and the boy teachers (mostly older high school kids). Everyone seems happy, so all good.
Monday night we went as a family up to Lagoon to enjoy it in the evening, when the lights are on. It was a good time--didn't love the Cirque show I was excited to see. Does make me wonder what level of "stardom" performing at Lagoon brings. It was a lovely night as a family and Carter got over his fear of the Tilt-a-Whirl (?) because Daddy would go with him.
Tuesday we caught our last (sob, hey it was a cool and quiet restful activity!) summer movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks, the squeakquel. I don't really love the movie, we have seen it before, and the kids were more rowdy than average, I think sleep related (or maybe my lack of sleep related).
Thursday night I took off from work (hooray!) so Lowell and I could go out to dinner for our anniversary. Originally I took the day off with the intent to spend the night over at Anniversary Inn, but we had a hard time getting overnight sitters, the room I wanted was booked, and let's face it--8 months pregnant I am not much fun romantically so we just had a nice dinner at the Melting Pot instead. Oh my, that was yummy! I have been wanting to try it for a while, and yes it was quite steep and perhaps even over-priced as Lowell would say, but it was a nice treat for a once a year kind of visit. I ate more than I expected I'd be able to and yes I was sick after, but how could you leave any of that yumminess there?
Friday we went to the gym and I am pretty sure the baby dropped while I was jogging on the elliptical. I think it was her way to mock me for eating so much the night before. Seriously--she couldn't have dropped 12 hours earlier giving me more room then? Oh well. The site I checked said women usually deliver 2-4 weeks after the baby drops, so perhaps she will come a touch sooner than my scheduled C-section--5 weeks from today. I have a feeling she will come early, just to not be able to enjoy being able to schedule it. When do my kids ever make things easy? Of course, that may just be wishful thinking too. As of tomorrow, I will be the farthest pregnant I have ever been. The boys were born at 34 weeks 2 days, so my internal timer is saying I have completed my tour of duty. Of course I don't want her to come that early, but it just feels like I should be done. The next 5 weeks are going to be long. So much to get done though, I'm no where near ready.
Saturday, ahhh, Saturday morning Lowell and I went to get massages as a little anniversary pick-me-up. Lowell got me gift certificates for Christmas and I just now used it. The pregnancy bolster was checked out so my masseuse asked me if shiatsu would be okay, so we tried it. I was on a mat on the floor and could stay dressed (which was nice except for the fact I came from a 15 hr shift at work so my socks were not as clean as I'd like) and it really was lovely. It took a little while to relax but then I was in a coma-like trance, so content. I left standing much straighter and with a lot of my aches relieved, at least for a while. We enjoyed a nice breakfast together after as well. Big thanks to Cyndel for sitting with the munchkins and to Dinda for watching them while we went to dinner.
Then Saturday afternoon we went to my niece A's birthday party. It was an Alice in Wonderland b-day and my SIL Sina did such a nice job with it. The kids had loads of fun, they really love playing with their cousins.

Davis drinking "tea"

Carter with his cute hat

Carter with what he brought out of the toy room. Oh my goodness, this kid cracks us all up!

Sunday was our actual anniversary (8 years, and still happier and more in love every day). So we took the munchkins to walk around the temple where we were married (Mt. Timp) and talked about that a little.

Then we took a drive up the canyon (because my hubby knows how much I love it) and took a little hike.

We ended up eating dinner and getting to bed very late, but it was a nice family day.
Today I lost it with the boys--man my fuse is very short these days and I was so angry that in the 10 minutes after I had dressed them in their swimming suits, when they knew that we would be leaving in 10 minutes, they had climbed into the grill and gotten grease all over their bodies and clothes, lost their shoes, and Davis had pooped in his swim trunks, the only clean ones he had. There was some validity to my losing it, but I really usually am more level headed. We actually still got to the lessons only 7 minutes late, but the boys were holding hands and whispering to each other to avoid mommy. Not to worry, they were back to annoying me by the time it was over and back to me almost losing it again by the time we finished a big shopping trip. It was lovely to run into my old neighbor and friend Julie. Seriously, it cheered me up substantially and helped me get through check out. Sigh, I hate feeling so crazy. I am trying to remember it is hormones and to take deep breaths and keep praying for help, but these kids sure know how to push my buttons some days. Alas, a few hours at work has done a lot for my mental health as well as some watermelon, chips, and salsa.
Okay, finally caught up again. We finish swim lessons this week, then school starts for Daddy next week. Preschool doesn't start until after labor day, but we do have the boys' back to school night Wednesday (as well as a spa night for the twin club, can't wait!). Anywho, I'm still tired, but we're plugging along. Lots of braxton-hicks contractions, like 10/hr sometimes and I think a few real ones here and there too. A few other changes makes me think my body is preparing for little sister to join our family. It seems so surreal to me that she'll actually be out. I'm excited though, all caught up with shopping for bows and headbands now. Still trying to cram lots of fun in for the boys in the meantime since we'll likely be much less active with a newborn through the long winter. Any thoughts of ways to prepare the "somewhat spoiled and doted on" older brothers for that adjustment?

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