Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer is ticking away . . .

Can you believe school has already started? It felt like the summer would last forever, but really it did go fast. It was hot and busy but I feel like we did a lot and accomplished a lot of my goals for the summer. The boys don't start preschool again until after Labor Day and a lot, err, pretty much all of our weekly activities have now ended so we're thinking up new things to do and also revisiting some of the other fun stuff we haven't done in a while. A few of our passes have expired and I haven't renewed them yet, but we still found some interesting things to do I think.

One day we made "play dough" cookies. I have made edible play dough for the boys before (you can look it up, usually peanut butter, dry milk, honey) and it was fairly yummy but overly sticky and then way too much to really eat like that. So I had a sugar cookie mix I wanted to use up, so I mixed it up, adding less liquid and more flour to get the right consistency and then made 3 food colored portions. My vision was different than what the boys made (I hate mixing colors!) but they spent an hour working with it and really were having fun. Not sure I would eat anything that they handled that much (even though they washed their hands) but they were happy to. They were thrilled to bake them off and see the finished product:

Oh and extra sprinkles on top is always more fun. Success.
We finished swim lessons and the boys passed. They did really well being in separate classes. I noticed that sometimes the teachers would trade kids or both would end up in one class, but it seemed to me (from where I was sitting) that they were less distracted/distracting apart. The teachers really loved them too and I was tickled with how sweet all the teachers were to them. They had a wonderful experience.

We got popcorn and donuts to celebrate being done (and so I didn't have to get them every time we went--the deal was we'd get them on the last day).

I quite liked my new Ikea towels too by the way.

Completion of Preschool Aquatics level 2. Next year, level 3, woohoo. I don't think they could swim well enough to save their own lives at this point, but still better than before. I also said I'd take them swimming so they could show off their new skills, but the Legacy Center was closed all this week. So, next week I'll let you know if I see any real improvement. Honestly I do want them to learn basic life saving swim skills, but for the most part we take the lessons for fun. It seems like the 6 and up classes is when they learn swimming strokes and the like.
We've also spent time in our own backyard. We back up to a little farm, and this goat was being particularly friendly:

Not sure we should be feeding him weeds, I limited it to what they had already given him. We feed the horses apples sometimes, but this guy was enjoying the Virginia creeper growing on the top of the fence.

The boys also love to climb our trees and are rather proficient at it (too much so for my taste, they are still little to be so high up!)

Carter, I wondered how they did the trunk since Lowell chopped the lower branches. Guess that didn't slow them much.

This silly boy also figured out this week that he could climb our tree by the deck, then scale the pergola over the deck to get to the roof. Isn't that just great!?! We're still working through time outs for that (just askimg him not to or explaining the risks doesn't work) but we'll likely have to cut some lovely shade branches to keep him (them) safe. Sigh.
I finally got to go on a bigger hike with the boys this summer. I guess I was far enough along that Lowell wasn't quite as worried about my water breaking early, or he just gave in. He is such a trooper to go along with my odd requests. He is always right about them too . . .So the hike was to Stewart Falls, about 4 miles round trip. The longest the boys have ever done.
Lowell teaching the boys about tree rings.

Davis at the falls

Carter, I love this pic of him

Me, 35 weeks pregnant

Lowell up on the junction between the upper and lower falls, such a hiker/climber! I love him!

Both boys--probably the pic I'll use for their birthday invites, so darling (if I do say so myself!)

Lowell a little closer. Isn't that a lovely background? What a gorgeous hike it was. The trail was well used and defined so the boys did very well in following it. It was cooler and in the shade and just lovely to be out there. But it did get long and especially a long ways from a bathroom. It took us almost 3 hours and that is a long time for me! The boys got a little restless as time went on but certainly had the energy to complete the hike--though they did fall asleep within 10 minutes of hitting their beds (it was well past bedtime which helped but I think for once we used up their endless supply of energy). I know my energy was gone, I started to get pretty achy with 1/2 mile to go and really achy the last 1/4. I ended up waking up multiple times in the night in pain, just so sore. So, like I said, Lowell is usually right about these things but was kind enough to let me learn for myself and then help me hobble the next couple days.

The boys also took the chance to steal my camera and take pics of themselves screwing around in the car (their tired mom was zoning on the couch at the time)

With our other memberships expired, we have spent more time at Thanksgiving Point. It's our favorite and it's the closest, so that works out anyway. And the boys really do have a good time every time we go.
Farm Country

The Children's Garden
We also enjoyed a play group with our twin friends this week, picked up paint for the boys' bedroom remodels, and did lots of shopping for my baby shower this weekend. The contractions are increasing in frequency, intensity, and pain so Claire is getting closer. She could still easily wait until my scheduled C-section in about 3 weeks or come sooner (my vote is sooner, but it could be wishful thinking). I'd love to keep her in at least until next Sunday--one more week really to 37 weeks. Then whatever. Maybe we'll even have her room ready by then. I should probably pack a hospital bag too. Tuesday I'll have my last ultrasound, I am anxious to see how she is growing and get a last chance to see if all is well. Then I'll just have to look at her to know! Still such a bizarre process in my mind, growing a little human. One day they are still this foreign concept nudging you and causing a multitude of symptoms (which I have managed to get most of) and then the next they are a real person, looking at you--eating, breathing, pooping. But a real person--is it weird to anyone else. I mean amazing and wonderful too, but still odd. The boys have been acting up, I think perhaps in response to their slower mom and the stress of a new baby coming. They act excited, but I think it is still hard for them too. We'll see how they do when she comes. Plus school is around the corner for them and I think the schedule will help them (and me to get some things accomplished).
Well, enjoy the last of the hot weather (I'll pass!), I can't wait for all the fun fall has in store for us.

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Kerri said...

I'm sure that it is fine to feed the goat a few weeds. They often use goats to keep weeds down in areas where there is fire danger. Cheaper and easier then someone having to mow down all the weeds.
Getting excited for your new arrival. Hang in there. I know the last few weeks can be uncomfortable and tiring.