Monday, November 23, 2009

K is for karate, Kool-Aid, and Kangaroo Zoo

I would like to say I was saving up Karate for K, but truthfully I slacked off scheduling the boys to try it out until this week and it worked out well to be on K week and when they were running a holiday promotion. Yeah! So here's the bubs at class learning to kick and punch and say "i-ya" Yeah, they loved it. Tomorrow they'll break a board and test for their white belt. I wanted to get more pics but my little boys and an all white outfit did not do well together and I was anxious to get it off of them. Can't argue with the 3 rules of karate-1: Listen to Mom and Dad, 2: No fighting with your brother, 3: Keep your room clean.

K was a little skinny for fun ideas (Kennecott was closed for the winter :(), so we did Kool-Aid mustaches. Jello and Kool-Aid, staples of childhood.



Then Friday we went with A and A to Kangaroo Zoo (a bouncehouse place in Lindon, for those of you not from around here). What a glorious time! The 4 boys ran and climbed and jumped and played and required very little assistance from us moms. Reva and I sat and looked through Black Friday ads and then dragged the kids away 2+ hours later completely exhausted (Carter fell asleep eating his dinner that night). We'll be back! :)


Davis, A and A


A (for the record, I do know which is which, just trying to preserve some anonymity since these are not my children).



D,C, A, and A shouting K is for Kangaroo Zoo (after yelling I is for ice cream, guess that made an impact).
And some random pics from a trip to the park last week just because I can't get enough of my boys just being 4 year old boys.

Also, for record keeping's sake, Carter and Davis read their first entire book this week. They read books 1 and 2 from the Bob book series, beginning readers. They were pretty proud of themselves.
In other news . . .this week New Moon came out and yes, of course I enjoyed that. I felt this director was fantastic in keeping the movie in line with the book. With a book that so many people have read, I think it is really important to not change major elements (like Angels and Demons). It was funny how tense I was as they approached Italy, I had to remind myself that I know what is going to happen! And yes, I saw it twice opening night and really enjoyed the company I had in Melinda and Hillary, thanks gals! I really second thought the second showing after getting just 2 hours of sleep and being warm in my bed with my darling husband but Hill and I had fun being silly at IHOP at 2 am and the second time through just solidified my enjoyment of the movie.
I am hating winter already, there is just so little you can do in the evening because places close early and it is dark. The dark is the worst part. Ugh! Looking forward to giving the boys some of their Christmas presents that will entertain them inside. Not that the spoiled buggers don't already have enough to do . . .Daddy and his boys have been playing Toy Story Mania on the wii that came friom GameFly today, I am anxious to try it myself.
Christmas prep continues even as I get quite overwhelmed at the tasks ahead of me. Some of the projects I took on are turning out to be quite labor-intensive. Hoping to get them done and that they will be loved by their recipients. Also busy finalizing my Black Friday list, which really isn't too exciting. With price matching I may even scale this year down to just WalMart. We'll see.
Lastly I have picked up a dandy of a head cold that is making me miserable and grumpy. Blech.
Very much looking forward to Turkey day in a couple of days--I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving and that you all know how thankful I am for you and your examples in my life. Loves!


Anonymous said...

Aaaaw! So cute :)

Jill said...

I finally made it to your blog! Glad I did! Cute boys! You are a crazy Twilight fan! B2B showings! How do you do it??? K is alittle hard to flesh out, isn't it? I hope you're feeling better! I'd love to see your projects when you're done \with them!