Monday, November 16, 2009

J is for Jonny's blessing, Jungle animals, Jungle Jim's and Jello

Look at this cute bubby! My little nephew Jonny was blessed the Sunday before last and since that fell in J week I have an excuse to post some pics. I stole the little guy away to take some shots as he has changed so much since he was born. A little smile, Grandma was laughing

Silly cute chubby baby

BJ and his family following the blessing
So Tuesday we went to the zoo since we hadn't been there in a while and there are always letters to be found at the zoo. This week we looked for Jungle animals.

We found monkeys (capuchin)

A fossa . . .and then my camera died. We also saw elephants including baby Zuri, a variety of jungle birds and reptiles, and some jungle cats. A big thanks to Cyndel for coming with us.
We of course had to make J E L L O, because face it, it's yummy, it jiggles, and it turns your fingers red.

Then Friday we went to Jungle Jim's with the twin club which ended up just being our best friends A and A and J and B. What could be more fun that 6 4 and almost 4 year olds riding rides and playing!

All the boys on the "bumper-car Jeeps".

I bribed them all with a piece of candy and it worked-- a shot with all our friends

Carter boy on the bumper cars--what a hit! P.S. Thanks to Jess for yet again bailing me out as I left my camera. We then had lunch at Fazoli's and headed home. It was Friday the 13th but I thought we had already caught our bad luck in the form of an accident on our way up that we easily bypassed on the frontage road. I was wrong. We got on the on-ramp to the freeway and that's as far as we got for over an hour! They had shut the freeway down due to a roll-over accident ahead of us and everything was backed up and crazy. Luckily we had the movie "Up" and the boys were content to watch that for a while and I was glad to have Reva in the car to talk to but then all the boys needed to pee. Now. So Reva was coaxing one of her boys to pee in a cup and the other one wanted to pee on the road. (I really thought it would have been amusing to have all 4 boys peeing on the little bank of grass leading up to the freeway next to us, there's a picture for you!). So Reva stood him on the ledge on the van with the door open and just then everyone around us started to turn around and go down the on ramp. It looked like our only way out and we had boys who needed a potty so Reva held A and I worked on turning around. So, let's see how many laws I can break at the same time, I am driving down the on-ramp with one of my van doors open with a 4 year old still trying to pee hanging out of it. My! At least it will be a funny story one day. Reva was able to get A safely seated and though working against all the lights we were able to get down the on-ramp and to the nearby McDonald's where all the boys got to go potty. I don't think I will plan another play group on a Friday the 13th!
In other news . . .
I am on a winning streak! I won a catered Thanksgiving dinner for 10 from the Harvest Restaurant at Thanksgiving Point and 2 tickets to a sneak preview for New Moon (in separate contests). Yeah for eating a faboo meal with my family and now I get to see New Moon before it comes out and again after . . .I already had tickets for 3:20 am so I am going twice. Yes I am crazy. I finished Breaking Dawn and will start New Moon tonight. I also got to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner preview with the twin club this week (yum!) and work on file folder games Jess put together--thanks again Jess!
We also made it to the gardens one last time (it was officially closed but the weather was still nice enough to visit). Last year I got a cute back shot of Lowell and the boys walking so I asked him if I could get a repeat shot this year. This is what I got:

Oh those boys will do anything Daddy is doing!
That's better!

Davis in the leaves

Carter too

And finally here are my 2 little chefs making Rice Krispie treats. It was part of our liquid vs. solids project this week--Jello starts as a liquid and becomes a solid. The marshmallows started as solids and became liquid. Oooh ahhh.

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Jill said...

What a great story with the van! That is one good thing about having boys--the peeing in a cup thing wouldn't work with girls:) And what a great dad to let you take a photo of his butt in the air! You wouldn't find me willing for that one:) Creative twin time, with solids and liquids!