Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A few of my favorite sites

The holidays are upon us and with them the inevitable shopping rush. I almost enjoy it I am such a sale hound. I love giving fabulous gifts that cost half what they are worth. I have had a couple of people ask me to watch for certain items for them (happy to help) but thought I would share some of my secrets with you all so you can find the great deals too--but you can still ask me to watch for things, I'd be happy to. -A daily deal that is often electronics related and frequently an amazing steal. Shipping is always $5 (even for a massive TV) though not the fastest. By the first week of December I'll probably be done shopping there to ensure everything arrives in time. Over time they have added wine woot, shirt woot, sellout woot and kids woot, all from the homepage and each is worth checking out for your own list. Kids woot is a curse of mine, I have 2 boxes coming from them this week . . .Check out the blog to see prior sale items. New items show up at midnight Central time (11 here) and sometimes sell out by 1 am so it helps if you are a night owl like me. -Another daily deal site, refreshing at midnight Eastern (10 here) and usually selling electronics as well. Not as cool as woot, but worth checking if you're up. -The best place for TV mounts and HDMI cables by far. If you're shopping for a big TV this Christmas, don't let the sales men talk you into buying their mount and cables! Lots of other fun on this site too. -Always a fav but this year they have a Value of the Day item which changes at midnight. They also have the top 50 best selling books at 50% off and if you are pre-ordering them you'll find an even better value and free shipping (I just got the new Stephen King book for $8.98). Also they have the top 10 soon to be released movies for under $10 and free shipping. You're not going to be beat that in the store. -I love this site, they leak all the Black Friday ads as they get them. Some places have blocked them from doing so (cough WalMart cough) but they will still release that before you'll see it in the paper. And some places, like KMart are starting their Black Friday deals on Thanksgiving so if you wait for that paper you'll have missed out on valuable shopping hours. Can you tell I'm a Black Friday fan?? I hate to buy something and find out I could have gotten it cheaper later so it's nice for a head's up on what to watch for. They added Target's today :). -You have to move things around and "search" this site for coupons but they add up. They often have $75 off $100 or $50 off $100 but only a few to the first who see the site change. Yes, I check often and no I've never gotten that good of a deal. But I have had 20-25% off everything I've bought lately. Only in-store though, such a drag shopping with the kids! -Amazon is still my go to site to compare prices and read reviews. I like to see what price they have before buying from the other sites and how many stars it has. Several times I have cancelled a purchase after reading bad reviews. Amazon is also fab for its free shipping over $25 and sometimes has some outstanding values of its own. -Sometimes ebay is the best place to find a great deal, used or new. I check their prices against other good sales also. -Yes I love artscow, for all things photo related it is definitely my go-to site. Headed there next to make up our Christmas cards.

There you have it, probably not all new to you, but if it aids your shopping this season, mission accomplished! :) PLEASE share your fav sites with me!


Terri said...

Thanks for the tips hopefully I can find some good deals this year.

Anonymous said...

Oh Heidi, my in-law deal maven sis. Mom said recently that you have a knack for drawing blood from a stone. And that's not a work related comment. Hee! But seriously, you possess a gift woman! I'm personally excited for the suggestion due to the fact that I have a couple of tech obsessed boys to shop for. Thanks