Thursday, April 24, 2008

Meter and Missing my Dad

I found this fun meter on my friend Jillian's website and had to try it out (you can too, just click on it). I was so surprised to see both boys equal between Lowell and I. I still think they look just like their daddy and that is a good think because I think he is hot! Seriously, best looking guy I ever dated and the pic on the meter is my very favorite, it is him on a swing holding both the boys but it actually looks like him which hardly ever happens in his pictures. I don't know what it is but all his pictures make him look chubby in the face which he isn't. Anyway, the rest of the pics are from our Christmas card 2006, not sure why I chose those, just a pic that had all our faces on it. I actually really like the boys' faces in that shot, but yes I do have a *few* more recent pics. Well, what else have we been up to you might ask? Same old same old, winter keeps sneaking back in, it snowed today, ugh!!! The tulips are really struggling and the poor Tulip Festival at the gardens is nearly over with only half of the tulips in bloom. I guess it is hard to plan these things a year ahead of time. Of course I go every week so I will see them all eventually but I think it put a damper on the event and probably didn't do well for revenues. We are going again on Saturday to Thanksgiving Point, first to the baby animal birthday party at Farm Country (cake is included, hooray but yes we also went there on Monday this week and the new baby goats are THE CUTEST ever!) and then to the last day of the Tulip Festival to hopefully catch some of the vendors, musicians (including a wandering bagpiper), and of course, the fish! (or tulips, depends on who you ask!) I'll add a couple of *new* pics of the boys since the others are old, these are my tool loving munchkins--tools from grandpa who we can not wait to be home, I can't even tell you how excited I am about that (sidebar:Kind of a r e a l l y long story which most of you know, but someone may not and be wondering where my dad is, well, he is in prison and has been since the boys were only 3 months old. He is a lawyer and worked for an investment firm which apparently did some less than legal things that my dad had no part of and did not even know about for the most part. The worst of which for the government is finding ways for people not to pay taxes--something the prosecutor never proved they did unlawfully but that is another discussion. He was charged with "Conspiracy to Defraud the Government" which is such a bogus charge as it does not mean you had to defraud the governement, just work somewhere where they might have thought about doing it. My dad was added to the trial simply to delay the speedy trial clause (he was added like 1.5 years after everyone else) and because they were tried altogether and not individually he was found guilty with everyone else. Something about "he was a lawyer, he should have known better". That all happened before my kids were born and then shortly after the boys' blessing he surrendered himself to a minimum security camp (the lowest security you can have, no cells or fences even, it looks like a Jr. College and he spends most of his time reading, jogging, and referreeing soccer) in Taft, CA--yep that's a 14 hour drive from here. So the boys have only seen him 3 times since then and he will be released to a half-way house (in Utah!!) in September or maybe even June depending how they interpret a new law that just passed. Now you know! P.S. Don't always assume people are guilty in prison it's not always the case. My dad is serving with mostly accountants, judges, doctors, and other lawyers and many of them should not be there, especially for as long as their sentences are. Seriously, kill somebody and you are in state custody and out before you know it, screw with the government and you can forget about it. I am not biased in any way about this. As much as I have missed my dad I do have to say he is so amazing about this all. They gave him the opportunity to get out of it but he had to testify against other people (lies about other people) an option many people took but he could not. He has taught the Sunday school class there and passed out many Book of Mormons. Many guys have left with the missionaries numbers and many less active members have been strengthened by my dad. I am very proud of him and the example he is to my kids. But I am very ready to have him home again).

Well that ended up being a much bigger soap box than expected, especially in this blog about my boys! Sorry, pent up frustration I guess. Anyway, the boys are excited for grandpa to come home, we get in the car and sometimes they'll still ask, "go in car, go see bapa?" Sure maybe they remember that the last time we saw him we also went to DisneyLand, but they miss him. Soon enough I guess. Okay, enough mindless rambling for one day, back to "work".

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