Friday, April 18, 2008

A Day Away from my Pirates!

For the record, yes these are of 2 different children and yes, from the side or back especially when they are dressed the same I mix my children up. I have no problem telling them apart from the front or even from their voices most of the time (Lowell is better at that though, he could tell their cries apart from the beginning when I could not), but even when I know which one I am talking to I still call them the same name some times. I feel pretty stupid in public when I say, Davis, or Carter whoever you are just come here! I do think this happens to all mothers at some point though, not just twin moms because my mom always did it. Anyway . . .my kids have been crazy about pirates since they rode the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at DisneyLand (I thought it would be too scary and yes I am personally afraid of the drops even though they are small and that does make me a woos, but Lowell talked me into it, so yes Hon you were right!) so I was thrilled when McDonald's was doing pirate stuff in their kid's meals (nope I never do drive thru with the kids, they have healthy meals all the time--check our toy room and you'll know that's a LIE! They have every kids meal toy ever made I swear! We did try to eat well though, I usually add fruit and veg to their plate with the chicken nuggets). They wore the eye patches around all day and insisted on sleeping with them on and say "Arrhh" as often as possible.
As much fun as they can be, Lowell and I were truly thrilled to have a day off this week. I was surprised at how much we talked to each other and how little we have done of that in a while. It seems like any time we start a conversation it is interrupted or we are screamed over so I think we just haven't spoken as much because of that. It was also eerily quiet and eating out was just a blast. Except for one major thing, I had a big plan to eat at this fun restaurant that had sent me a gift card and after we hiked all the way from the parking lot, they were still hanging sheet rock! It wasn't open yet! So we hiked back and went to Marie Callendar's instead. Yum! We also picked up Cheesecake Factory cheesecake on the way and had some chocolates to much on as well. You might have guessed that this was also a vacation from my diet--I am a little scared to go to the gym today and get on the scales, but I still think it was worth it to have a little splurge. Today I traded in my giant IHOP breakfast for a Slim-Fast shake and a oatmeal bar ! Oh well, 12 lbs down, I am 1/3 my way to my goal with swimsuit weather upon us, I will plug on. The time share Robbie reserved for us was great, we are really considering getting ourselves one some day if we can manage the financial aspect. It is just different to stay in a "condo" type room with a full kitchen and separate living room than a standad hotel room. It would be even more beneficial with the kids as they just need room to stretch out. Blessings on Robbie's head again they are opening a new timeshare close to Disney and we hope to stay there next year.
Home again, life goes on. Davis had not slept well while we were gone (something about a certain grandma who thought he would be happier sleeping with her not realizing that taking him out of his room would mean 2 more hours before he would be asleep!) and was a cranky bugger when we got home, oh well, the full night's sleep helped us deal with him at least! I don't know if I mentioned that Lowell has been off this whole week for Spring Break. That is SO awesome to me because I have so much help and it is blast getting to go do things with the boys that I just don't brave doing by myself. We went to the gardens, children's gardens, zoo, and plan on going to the dinosaur museum or farm country tonight. For those who live anywhere near Thanksgiving Point, I might have said it before, but I LOVE that place and we are constantly there. Our year's pass is the best money ever spent and I just found out they are adding a children's museum to their property, hip hip hooray!
Well, that's what we have been up to. The weather is s l o w l y perking up, but it did snow twice this week, so the spring clothes are still on hold. Oh and Lowell's early Father's Day present is not yet needed but he is thrilled with it nonetheless, a John Deere riding lawn mower. I'll post pictures some time, he does really need it though, our yard is almost 1/2 acre and it took him an hour and half each week last year. I just have to laugh that it has a cup holder! But Lowell says he'll take the boys for rides on it and maybe get a snow plow attachment someday, so fun stuff! Back to work, loves to all . . .

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