Friday, April 4, 2008

Easter Take 2

So, I guess I don't really have that much more to say about Easter but I have lots of pics to share! I have to say that I am very pleased that the weather turned out so I could put the boys in these outfits, I adore them! Lowell hates them (too girly) whatever. I bought them last year (they are size 18 months) and they didn't get to use them much due to the weather. So I was especially happy when the weather was decent that these still fit, woohoo for me! Kind of makes the money spent on ebay for them more worth it. I must admit I am crazy about my kids' clothes, I could buy more every day. I am just about done getting their summer wardrobe set up so I will have to take a break until fall from my shopping. Such a bummer. Good news, I get to dress them up in all their new clothes soon. Yea! The funny thing is I absolutely hate shopping for myself, it is lucky I wear scrubs most days because I have very few other clothes.

Alas, the age old question, ears or feet first on your chocolate bunny. You will note the boys took opposite positions on this, with Davis going ears first and munching the whole thing down and Carter going feet first and would not eat the head! Such a funny kid, Lowell was happy to finish it for him. Speaking of finish, Lowell is very happy to announce that he has finished the swingset. Hooray! He really did the whole thing by himself and it turned out quite well, so props to Lowell. He can finally relax (yeah right, now he is on to planting pansies, planning the garden, resealing the kitchen floor . . .the guy doesn't stop--I am so lucky!) The kids have been a bit trying this week (Lowell wouldn't say it as nice he is ready for a vasectomy!) They have been especially whiny and defiant and just not sleeping great. I think the sleep is what is causing all the rest and the sleep is from teething and some stomach bug and just being 2.5 and wanting to stay up and play with their best friend. It's like a sleepover every night at our house. They are in their rooms with the door closed and lights off (seriously pitch black in there) and they can still play for an hour or more laughing. That's the only thing keeping them together right now, I love that they have that bond and chance to play so I kind of hate to separate them, but the kids have got to sleep too. Their days our numbered if they don't improve, we are lucky as we have the room, I just have to rearrange their playroom.
In other news, Spring is here and I couldn't be happier. It is like there is this fog for all of winter and once the haze burns off everything looks a little brighter. The gardens at Thanksgiving Point opened this week, a day I have been counting down for weeks. I went all the way until it closed last year and was there opening day this year. I am going again today! It is just such a lovely walk and soon the tulips will be up and I will be in heaven. I picked up a used sand and water table for the boys this week and am looking forward to them being outside playing with water (as opposed to in the sink where I found them drenched this week!). I am always amazed at these kids ability to climb. I can take away the chairs, locked all the drawers, take out the diaper packs, sound makers, everything off the floor and they still find ways to turn out the light in their room (pile of clothes mounded up) and get into the sink (climbing the cabinet handles). I can't wait to get them into gymnastics and put some of their talent to good use but I have told them they have to wait until they are potty trained--another story for another day! Now, back to work . . ..

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