Friday, March 7, 2008

Dirty and Defiant

Well, I am still figuring out this whole blog thing, and this is my second attempt for today, here's hoping! We have been having a fun couple of days. I got some shopping done, picked up some good deals at the Carter's outlet for summer play clothes--I CAN'T wait until they get to wear them! Plus we tested out some trikes as a possible Easter gift, I am still undecided as they can kind of pedal them but not great yet, though they'd probably get it down. I could get a water table instead, but I may just concoct my own using sand toys and emesis basins from work, hmmm . . .The best thing I went shopping for was a new swingset. The one that came with our house is a bit rickety and though it has been good so far we are excited to upgrade as the boys are old enough to really enjoy playground equipment now. I have been shopping around for a while and plan to buy this one this afternoon:
I am probably more excited than I should be about it--Lowell is not nearly as excited as he has to put it together, sorry hon, I'll help!
Today's title reflects major characteristics of my kids and I would imagine other 2 year old boys, dirty and defiant. They are also darling, cuddly, silly, smart, funny, creative, etc. but dirty and defiant seems to fit a lot of what they have been up to lately. For instance the top picture--I had intended to take pictures of the boys in these cute shirts from their grandma but made the mistake of letting them out to play first. Ooops! They found the closest puddle and jumped in. Oh well, still took pictures I guess. I wish I had gotten a picture of my Davis and his mischievious grin Wednesday. I had confiscated their chairs after multiple attempts to use them to gain access to the counter/sink/fridge and I had put the chairs on top of the counter and we went out to play. Davis went in before Carter and when I went to check on him I found him happily sitting there in his chair on the counter. He just smiled at me his typical defiant grin, Ha! Mom I got up here anyway. I was a bit perplexed for a minute as the kitchen table chairs had not been moved, but no he had moved his entire little table over and climbed on that (it was confiscated and added to the pile!). I got a clue into their cranky behavior last night though, I discovered one of Carter's 2 year molars has broken through and the others are on the way for both of them. It actually gives me hope that the teething has been behind some of their meltdowns and hopefully time and a little ibuprofen will see that problem starting to diminish. I hate teething! Won't it ever end!?!
Other than that we have just been busy playing at home, at the gym, and yesterday at the dinosaur museum. We have been visiting with family, playing with Hannah at her house, and are looking forward to seeing a lot of Lowell's family at a wedding reception tomorrow. Is it sad that I am most excited to see the boys all dressed up in some of their new dress clothes? I guess we all have our priorities. . .

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