Monday, March 17, 2008

104.6 with seizure-like activity

Well, we spent a good amount of time fighting a nasty virus this weekend. The title today were Carter's symptoms as he waited for 3 hours at the urgent care (and threw up on Daddy!). He was just cooking and shaking uncontrollably so Lowell hurried him down to the after hours and waited. I was at work and worried the whole time. Turns out it was not a seizure (whew!) but febrile tremors, the body's attempt to raise the body temperature even higher by shaking. I personally thought 104.6 (on Ibuprofen) was high enough, but Carter's little body was sure trying to fight whatever was attacking it. They tested him for flu which came back negative so the doc thought it was a viral throat infection. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the flu based on symptoms, the extreme numbers of infections I have seen in the lab, and the test vs. collection method (i.e. a nasal wash gives better results). Whatever he had the darling boy rebounded really well. The fever broke in the morning and he played pretty well that day. A little cranky, but ibuprofen helped (for sore throat). If it was the flu I am just grateful that we all had out flu shot this year. It may not have prevented it but I am sure it lessened the symptoms.
No one should be surprised that Davis popped up with the exact same symptoms last night. We expect this every single cold they get, always one and then the next. We hope at least that it doesn't repeat back to the first child again. One nice thing is that we already knew what Davis had and could skip right to the anti-inflammatories and snuggles and skip the 3 hrs at the doctor's office (though Lowell still got puked on again!). He slept with me this morning for a bit and has been a touch warm and cranky today but overall not too bad. We have certainly seen much worse. One vomit each, not so bad at all. I continue to thank the Lord every day that we can worry about minor things like these and not the major ones. We just found out that one of our old neighbor's daughter has a brain tumor. The specificity has not been given yet but based on the description it sounds like a very scary cancer. We are praying with the family and holding our own boys closer. You really never know, I so pray every day that I can outlive my children. I think that is something a lot of people take for granted, but in the hospital setting I work in, I never do. Children can be taken in a blink of an eye, every moment is precious with these little ones.
We spent some precious moments over the weekend. We went and saw the baby bears from Yellowstone's Big Bear Park. We got to hold a teeny one and take a picture with it. The boys loved it of course and all day after were talking about the baby bear. Then we went to take a picture with the Easter Bunny which I was surprised that the boys were not afraid. They jumped right in his lap and took the picture, happily accepting the Easter egg afterward. I haven't gotten the picture back yet, I hope it is cute. They were taking about that all day too. Little do they know the fun in store for them this weekend! There are many Easter plans in the works with many pictures to be shared. I hope it all goes well. More about that later . . .

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Hey! It is so fun to hear from you and see your darling boys. They are too cute! I am sorry you're fighting viruses. Not fun! Sounds like your boys are about the same as mine- so much fun but so crazy! Gotta love it! I miss you and the twins group!