Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring Break 2013

Worst blogger ever! Eh what are you going to do? Still trying to catch up so I can print and journal this for my kiddos. Here is Spring Break from last year.
Claire in a park tube. Holy cow this girl loves going to the park. We have gone almost every non wet/snowy day since she could climb the slides. Just getting back to them now (March '14) since the snow is gone. Free, fun, and wears her out. Bring on the park.
This park trip was with the twin moms for an Easter egg hunt. Lots of doubles there and my troublesome single--she's not one for crowds. Or sharing. Her and Daddy could live in the middle of nowhere and be perfectly happy. Me too, if I had internet. The brothers however, super social creatures that they are would never survive.
Meeting the dino-bunny (?) at story time at the dino museum. He had free stuff so of course the kids swarmed him preventing a better photo. Claire is the head beneath the basket.
The boys are out of school, why not take a trip to the aviary? I love any picture with all 3 of them playing together and laughing. It happens more often the older Claire gets.

And the planetarium since we were in Salt Lake.
Our Spring break trip last year was to Capitol Reef. We've been exploring some of the wonders in our state and this was no exception. I found the cutest little cabin for a our family and we were the only ones at the campground--privacy, quiet, really lovely. And Capitol Reef had some cool things too. Above, scenic vista. Below, abandoned still radioactive uranium mine!

Scowly face was a little tired of driving!
Protecting what's important ;).
We hiked into this wash and just loved the red rock we saw. It was not busy at all for a school break and there was plenty of room to run and explore.

A reference for how deep the wash was.

Back at the cabin having dinner (we found a place with smiley face potatoes and fried green beans. :)). The cabin had a TV and a small kitchenette. Also a shower (limited hot water we discovered :/).

Backpacking to a vista.

This was probably a longer hike than it needed to be. We didn't find the end point the map said was there but still saw some cool stuff. Kids just got a bit tired of it and man, Claire is heavy!

But we did wear her out!

This crack just spooked me a little. I was climbing around taking pics and hopped right over it. Looked down and it went a long long ways.

We saw a little rain toward the end of our visit.

Lots of scenery shots, but I thought it was really amazing.
Wore the big monkeys out too.
Our cute cabin

We thoughts we could do some spring fishing at Fish Lake. Ummm, still frozen solid. Oh well.
Oh yes, the Nemo Dory days.

Not sure what this last pic was from,  but she is a doll in her little suit!
I enjoyed that spring break. The previous year we did Arches and I liked that as well but our lodgings turned out bad and Claire did not sleep. Sleep wasn't totally better at Capitol Reef, but an improvement. We still decided to drive home while the kids slept the second night instead of staying another one. Next month we will be going to Bryce Canyon for spring break and staying in a hotel this time. Here's hoping sleep comes a little easier. I sure love traveling with my family. I find the times when we all sleep in the same place hold special memories for us. Especially when it is just us 5. I like traveling with extended family too but it is special with just my little group. I had all the pics ready to go from Disney Dec '12 (!) but when I went to type they all got deleted. Arg! So that post is still coming. Then maybe I'll break into some more recent stuff. 

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