Thursday, May 3, 2012

Easter Photo Bomb

So I haven't posted new photos in a while--here's my recompense. We had a busy fun Easter season with lots of fun events. First was the UVMOM easter egg hunt play date. That's when Claire discovered that those silly plastic eggs contained candy. She wanted exactly one and to sit on the ground to enjoy it. The boys had fun too!

Watch out for the miss, she likes to text and drive! And her stuffed friends are not properly buckled!
 The gardens are finally open again! Oh how I love it. I was in mourning the whole winter. We haven't gotten back as often as I'd like, mostly because we have spent the time hiking new climbs but we have enjoyed what time we have had there.

Easter eggs!

 Thanksgiving Point Easter Eggstreme. It was a little crazy but worth it to spend time with buddies A&A. Glad daddy kept baby sis at home. The boys sure had a good time.

We surprised the kiddos with an ATV for Easter this year--they sure love it! Lowell is teaching them to drive it, but for now they just get to take rides. I think Lowell is enjoying it too. He thinks we need 2-3 more!

And sure Claire should have one too!

 Yes I am crazy--the boys also got skateboards (and helmets) for Easter. No injuries, yet.
Spring Break brought some down time from school (yay!) Daddy home (triple yay!) and fun time with friends. A&A joined us for a zoo trip.

 The fair weather allowed us to start hiking again. Best day ever! Plus I've discovered you burn a crazy lot of calories carrying a baby up a mountain. Score!

 Claire is just like her brothers, wanted to collect and carry rocks all over. She was so happy hiking (I love her!)

So, I totally love the above photo! Kids on the upper peaks of Red Butte Gardens
 Only Davis climbed to the highest peak with me

Playing in the children's garden (my pass is now expired :( )
 Yes, everything is an accessory to this little gal

 More Easter fun, the E Bunny brought Star Wars masks and light sabers

Traditional Easter pics

The Penrod cousins ready to hunt!

 Claire's big Easter gift, a little outdoor playhouse. :)
 A&A came to play at our house one day too--this little ring has turned out to be pretty fun--don't worry about the squished A in the lower photo, he was okay! I promise he was laughing too!

Some random Claire shots (not sure how they ended up in this order, and sorry too lazy to fix it :p).

Daddy is the best pony ever! We love him! Claire's hair is getting crazy.

Crazy windy days=fun kite flying days

Dodenbier cousins ready to hunt
We sure had a lot of fun with both sides of the family having Easter fun. And oh so much yummy food. Spring break was a blast, I can't believe how lucky I got with such a mild winter and Spring already lovely and upon us. It is my fav season. Less than 1 month left of school! Have already started booking summer classes. I can't wait for those relaxed days and all the outdoor time to come. This weekend we head out on our first camping trip of the year (happy Mother's Day to me!). I really need to find my camera--I'm afraid I lost it on a mountain . . . Anyway, more to come! Loves to all!

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