Thursday, May 3, 2012

Denver Baby

Okay, so Denver doesn't have quite the same ring to it as Vegas, but if you were going for a girl's weekend, you'd think it did. My dearest, oldest (not old in years, but known the longest) friend finally finally was able to get pregnant with her very much wanted 4th child. And just to add a cherry on top, she is a little girl--something new for her 3 brothers. My mom, Claire, and I celebrated by making a quick trip out to see Baby N blessed. My mom is friends with Kris's mom, I always think of her family sort of as my extended family. Anyway, we thought we'd try out the new Provo commerical flights, it helped that the timing of the flight was best for us. It was interesting going on the only flight that would go out that day and taking the long ramp outside to get in the plane. Check-in/security still had a line, but only those flying with us and it was fairly quick and pleasant. I was surprised to see the flight almost completely full though, maybe they will expand service. A very kind employee arranged it so my mom could sit with Claire and I (I added that trust me, no one else wanted to sit by me!) and did so by bumping us up to business class. That extra couple of inches really is luxurious! Except it meant Claire to climb around a little bit but I still liked it much better than the return flight. We got to Kris's house and met the little princess. Another dear high school friend Crystal joined us too--and the 5 of us girls (Kris, Crystal, me, Claire, and N) plus brother M went shopping. How else do you spend a girls weekend? We bought kids clothes and had a nice lunch. Then we had a nice drive and Claire napped for a teeny bit. My mom and I then got dinner at Jack in the Box--if you have one near you I am sure that is no thrill at all, but for us it certainly was! We then checked into our hotel and Claire thought it was just so fun. Here she is chillaxing on the bed with snacks. My mom and I were furiously working to finish Miss N's baby blanket which still was not quite the shape I would have liked but at least it was finished. Then we attempted (for hours) to get Claire to sleep. Sigh, that baby is not easy to travel with! I am sure we had some neighbors that hated us, lots. I finally got her to sleep in bed with me (the pack and play was not cutting it) but between her kicking me all night and mom snoring (sorry mom, it's true!) I did not get much rest. Oh well, I am probably the best at handling such things from working nights. And I must say the hotel had a lovely breakfast so that's always a plus. I enjoyed the first couple of minutes of the church meeting and Miss N's special blessing (like Christening) even though Claire was already being disruptive and then walked the halls and around the building with her the rest of the meeting.

 Look at that precious darling! She is so little and perfect! And this little darling was tired after all :p We had a nice lunch with Kristina's parents after the blessing and I even got sis to take a nap there so we got to chat nicely and in peace. That was so lovely. Once she was up we got a quick trip to the park and then back to the airport.
Dear friends!
We had to wait quite a while there and security wasn't nearly as easy or pleasant (as Provo) but we got there. You just have to bring so much stuff with a toddler. They were able to arrange for us to sit together again but in the very back very cramped row. It was okay, sis watched a movie and ate a little and even slept a little. She had the hardest time after we landed but couldn't yet disembark. My dad picked us up and it was a quick drive home. So there's our fun little trip--thanks for having us Kris!
Now to upload the next big batch of photos and start more posts.

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