Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School starts when? . . .

Can you believe we have only 1 week left until school starts?! And that's for kindergarteners, the rest have already started. Funny, every year I dread school ending and finding ways to entertain the kids for the long summer, and then dread school starting and rushing to get everything in. Honestly I can say we have done just about everything I wanted to do. My kids would say it was the "best summer ever" and I would agree. From Disneyworld to camping, rafting, hiking, t-ball, art class, swim lessons, library classes, waterparks, swimming in the backyard, park play dates, summer camps, on and on it has been a full, busy, amazing summer. And no, it's not done yet. Plenty to report on from a few weeks past and then soon I'll catch up to date. Someday. Really.
We had our last t-ball game--here's a shot of C-man at bat:

Davis is cheering in the background, such a good brother. They improved their skills so much this year, and I think enjoyed it more than last year too. Again, thanks to an amazing coach.
With their medals. Hooray!
And for my recollection, here was the goody bag we gave the kids on the team. They had enough kids on the team that I didn't need to bring treats to any of the games so we did this instead. I think it was a hit (and easier to do than I thought).

So shortly after the game, Claire, Hillary and I jumped in the car and drove to Idaho for my grandpa's 80th birthday. Funny, I got Matched (by Ally Condie) to listen to as we drove and the heroine is visiting her grandfather on his 80th birthday, though that is when he is scheduled to die in this future utopian society. An intriguing twist considering my destination. Anyway, my grandpa is not dying, he is very youthful and vibrant in fact if you ask me. And obviously loved by so many judging by the turn out for his party. What fun! I got to see cousins I hadn't seen in years and years and some I had never met and plenty of second (and third) cousins I had never met. Claire baby did pretty well on the drive, minus the blow out just past the state line that led to poop all over the only pair of pants I had. Swell.
Claire with 4th cousin H. She stole his car and he kept trying to get it back, it was really cute and funny.
Claire rocking the Minnie Mouse outfit I made her. Yeah, I love it!
My mom and her siblings and my cute grandparents:

Some of the 25 grandchildren
Some of the 23 (and counting) great grandchildren.
My grandpa says that each generation his genes dilute a little and the kids just get cuter. I don't know about that, but my cousins sure do have some darling babies!
Like M, My cousin Jordan's little guy. He and Claire were fighting for a phone at this point. So after visiting my dear friend Terri (we've known each other since 3rd-4th grade? I think) in Rexburg (can you believe I didn't take any pictures!? Crazy, especially as her cutie N is way cuter in person than the pics I had seen on her blog) we toured my grandparent's amazing house and then headed out. Yup, up and back in 12 hours. It was cool, Claire slept well all the way back and I finished my book and some yummy Jack in the Box! :)

Home again we visited Dinda's trailer up Timpooneke campground


And graham crackers.

And did some swimming Monday

My boys are looking so big!

And yes, they love love to swim!

We headed back up to camp on Wednesday when Dinda graciously let us use her trailer overnight.

Max came, can you tell how happy he is just by looking at him?
Hiking by the gorgeous stream that went right past camp.
Big boys. Although Carter always seems smaller in pics, he really isn't much. Although Davis is pulling ahead, he is almost an inch taller now and almost 1/2 shoe size bigger--nice for finding 2 of the same, not nice for each kid finding "their" shoes.
Baby Clairenessa
Eating canpfire hot dogs
The view out the trailer window
And of the campground. It was just so lovely. Lovely to look at anyway, the sleeping was not so lovely. The boys did okay, not great, but okay, but little sis wasn't having it. She wouldn't sleep in her pack and play so Lowell took her for a drive and had her asleep but once she was back in the pack and play she was back to fussing. So she ended up sleeping by me and was not a good sleepmate, up a lot and all over the place. She is limiting our camping adventures this summer.

But she is a fun little stinker. She is getting a little attitude! The other day her brothers were bothering her, so Claire crawled away muttering to herself, went to her room and shut the door! Sheesh, silly baby. She has also said her first words, Mom (not mama so much, but Mom), Dada, and dog we think (daw). She also signs eat and all done. She is a quick little crawler but has also started taking steps--see the video at the end. That was Aug. 5th at Cyndel's house where we had gone for her birthday. She took 2 deliberate steps that day, so I am counting that as the first steps. Before that she had taken some falling forward steps, but this was balanced and purposeful. She is up to 5 steps now but doesn't seem too determined, she crawls quickly and is happy at that. Still loves to eat, everything! Here's her 10 month pics-

The best I could get of her laying down, she was ready to be off. And no, she simply does not fit all on the blanket anymore. Starting with 12 months I'll have standing pics vs her big bear.

Darn cute little trouble maker I'll tell you. Just recently she has started to mess with her brothers' toys. I call her Godzilla as she swoops down and grabs things. She laughs when she makes you say ow, stinker baby! And yes she is standing independently in the above shot.

And she crashes--she is go go go until she stops. Lately she has taken a real liking to the boys' Daddles, yellow giraffe. It was always their fav, so I have 4 of them. So Claire has 1 in the car, stroller, crib, etc. I haven't cut her hair at all, it is just coming in so nicely.

During that whole week we also had swim lessons. The boys did really well, they followed directions much better than years past and are becoming quite the little swimmers. They both passed their levels. It made me think that while easy kids would be easier, sometimes challenging kids are more rewarding. Watching them struggle and then succeed means so much more to me than if they had succeeded from the beginning. I am grateful for the rewards my kiddos give to me. For their ending social from their reading class (which we renewed for fall, yea!) they had a minute to win it party. What an event, they surely put a lot of effort into it. We couldn't stay for all of it because it was also the last day of swim lessons, but the kids sure had fun while we were there. What a wonderful program they offer at the Rippy Literacy Center.

That marked the end of all of our organized events! Ack! It has opened up lots more free time to play at home and the other places we have passes though, which has been cool.
our pool
I couldn't get a shot of Carter, but isn't Davis growing up?
At Red Butte Gardens--so fun to see it in bloom. Definitely more fun than early spring. I can't wait to get back to "my" gardens, it has been far too long. Maybe while the boys are in school I'll spend some time there before they close. Red Butte is open year round, yea for me! :)

Carter will tell you they look different because Davis has a round face and he has a circle face. Hmm, that'll help! Can you tell how much Claire looks like her brothers? Carter especially.
Love this silly shot!

And just some pretty ones of my not so little baby. Man, why does time go so fast?

We got to have my cousin's little man T play for a day (his sister was too sick to come, boo!)

And then we went to cousin L's birthday party. I seriously cannot believe she is 4. And one of the most gorgeous little girls I know (her sister is one of the others).

We also got to go to my cousin Zach's mission homecoming which was fun. Got to see a lot of family again and visit some more. Welcome home Zach! And then more time up at Dinda's campground, we love AF canyon!
Maddy came this time.
One last shot--I have been working on freezer meals, and chicken pot pie was one of them. I thought this turned out so pretty, and it tasted even better! Woot!

So, that takes me through the uploaded pics, a few more to come though I haven't been that camera happy lately. We have been enjoying the summer heat, doing back to school night, and burning through the last week until school starts. Stay tuned for that!


Terri said...

I sure did enjoy visiting with you!

Jillian said...

I LOVE the picture of all three just above or below the "you can tell us apart..." paragraph. SO cute! And how do you make a chicken pot pie freezer meal?! Awesome!

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

Jillian-if you see this, the freezer meal involved making a big batch of filling--a cream sauce with cooked chicken and vegs--freezing that and then adding it to frozen pie dough when you are ready to bake. It is from the book, Don't Panic, dinner is in the freezer (I think that's the name). I can send it to you if you'd like.

Christina said...

Wow! So fun to see your clan. They are seriously dang cute. So is school going well for them? It has been an awesome summer, hasn't it? I think it's that they are all at such great ages. Hey, what are you doing this Saturday? We might be in the general viscinity (meaning Utah county), and I would love to get together with you!