Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another year older and wiser (?) too . . .

Preschool in the past, we have been finding ways to occupy our summer, especially as we await the sun to join us. It has been the wettest May ever, and so unusual to me. Though to be honest the cooler temperatures don't bother me a bit. The wet is tiresome but the cool is just fine. It will be gone all too soon. We took a few more days to chill enjoying sleeping in and playing wii. I am feeling better from my post-school funk, not sure what that was about. We did all take turns being sick that week though, a yucky lingering stomach bug. Ick. I had a week at work where due to vacations and staff shortages I worked 7 days in a row. Not 70 hours thank goodness (59) but it was a bit of a bummer to be away from my munchkins for so many days, and they missed our adventures in the meantime. We still played as much as we could of course.
Monday we went to Trafalga with Hillary. Some missionaries gave the boys their tickets so they were excited about the prizes.
Wednesday their best buddies A&A came to play for the whole day, they were in heaven! Backyard play
Then to the park
Loved the little smirk
She is growing up too fast (do I say that every post?) and loves to stand. In fact just the other day she pulled herself up to standing and then stood independently. Stop it you silly girl. She just started to cruise as well and is up on hands and knees now but still not crawling. She can roll both directions better now, but doesn't use it to get anywhere. I should be happy she isn't mobile, but it frustrates her. If she isn't getting what she wants she just fusses until she does. She is such a busy little thing, she is into everything she can reach so just watch out for when she can reach more! My fav new thing she does is clap. :) She is babbling all the time and is in the process of getting 4 teeth right now. 1 has broken through (top right center) and the 2 outer teeth are just about to. The left center I can't see yet but I am sure it will be there too soon. Explains a bit of the fussiness, poor thing.
4 boys in a tube. After the park we went to Classic Fun Center and they all had a blast. We sure love that place.
Thursday was my brother and his new wife's big day! I still can't believe he is married but I am so happy for him. Being 32 we have been expecting this day to come for a long time. It was a lovely ceremony and a great dinner. They had just immediate family there and that was still a lot of people but it was also cozy.

Grabbed a pic while my grandma was down for the wedding, 4 generations. Mary Lee Sellers, Wendy Dodenbier, Heidi and Claire Penrod. Can you see the resemblance? P.S. Thanks to Hill who did my hair, I like it.
Our new official cousin! The happy couple behind the kids, should have gotten a wide shot too. Michelle has a fair number of nieces/nephews and the boys were having so much fun playing with them all it was hard to pin them down for a minute. Thanks for inviting us Robbie and Michelle and all the best wishes for an amazing future and bring on the babies!

So Sunday was my birthday and since I had to work all day Lowell surprised me with this:

He had come down to my lab the night before while I was running errands. Such a love that boy is!
I had picked this for my birthday cake, amazing german chocolate cupcake from Kneader's. Yea! And I have been collecting on my birthday swag (all the email freebies) and started with lunch from Chili's (take out from Saturday) with a brownie sundae. For dinner Lowell made me a yummy steak dinner. Mmmm.

Monday was Memorial day and I was finally off for a day so we headed out and played. I did some shopping in the morning (underwater video cameras from Big Lots and shirts from Old Navy) and then hiking at Red Butte in the afternoon.

It was a perfect day for it, we were rained on a little but I like it a bit cooler when hiking (especially with a baby on your back). Claire did really well to ride along and I am hoping that will continue so we can do some fun hikes this summer. Already planning on Timp caves and I just bought a book to find some new ones. We wrapped the day up with a date out, free dinner at Mimi's thanks to Hillary babysitting.

Tuesday we went to the children's garden with my cousin and her kiddos (Hillary came too). No pics but they had fun.

Wednesday we had a full day of fun thanks to a little bit of sun peaking out and a day off of work. We joined our twin friends for a play date at the park in the morning, then off to 7 peaks for the first time this season in the afternoon. It was still busier than expected since school isn't out yet in our district but not bad at all. It really was lovely, the kids had so so much fun and even Claire enjoyed splashing. We'll be back for sure, unfortunately so will lots of other people. Have to find the best time to go. Then in the evening we hit the dollar night at the Eagle Mountain carnival. It was a quick trip, but fun.

They do everything enthusiastically!

First time on this ride on their own (just tall enough). Lowell and I laughed and laughed and so did they!

Final adventure to report is this little guy:

Lowell found him starving and half dead at his school and just had to bring him home. In the state he was in, he wouldn't have lived through the night. He was pretty much unresponsive but with a little food and water he started to come around. He is still so so skinny and weak but he wakes up a little more each day. We think he is a wild cat and he's pretty timid about people. Though today I held him for a little bit and he was purring away so I think he is learning to trust that people means food and loves. We are hoping to rehabilitate him (Marcus?) a bit and then find him a good home. I am allergic and at least 1 of our dogs would not let the cat live in peace so he'll need another place to stay. But we'll keep him long enough to help him get better (so glad he's pulled through so far, we weren't sure at first). Of course the kids love him:

Some times too much! Claire does not comprehend soft.

And finally a lovely little cake they gave me at work:
Oh and then today Hill (she is such a great sister!) joined us at the aquarium. We finally made it over to check out their new exhibit and the kids enjoyed it. Good times. Tomorrow we have some friends coming over to play and Saturday will be the Great American Wild West show--will share more after that. Then we'll have bridged the gap between preschool and the summer camps/classes. Yeah for me. Next week starts their art camp and library classes. :)

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Fun Fun! I love the pic of you & Claire in the hiking backpack. So cute!