Thursday, May 19, 2011


Busy busy all day long until I am bored at work, isn't that how it goes? Go go, stop! Oh well, gives me time to catch up here. Back from Disney we enjoyed some nice weather (briefly before the rains came down and the floods came up [I hope my house is built upon a rock!]). We enjoyed the gardens and children's gardens and the tulips there immensely. We had our annual mother's day lunch at the Trellis Cafe (overlooks the gardens) and it was so lovely. They really take their time there, in a good way so you can visit and not feel rushed. And bless our sweet server, he asked the chef if he could get Claire some fruit and the chef chopped up a whole bowl in teeny tiny perfect for her pieces. I would have recommended the Trellis anyway, but yet another reason. They serve soup, salad, sandwiches, little desserts, the like. Lowell would say high estrogen levels there. Here's my mom, sis, and Claire for her first girly lunch: We did some shopping that afternoon as well but I was not impressed with the selection or prices at the Beehive Bazaar this year. Oh and Jill, if you read this, that is where I got the cupcake hat last year, nothing like it this year unfortunately. We ran around trying to get all our mother's day plans in a row when we found out that Lowell's dad had fallen and broken his hip. So scary. He had surgery and is still in a rehab center but is doing really well and coming along in physical therapy. Prayers for our sweet grandpa.

Just a shot of my sweet missy sleeping, love her. She loves her Minnie too, she curls up with her a lot. She used to lay so still at night, now you never know what you'll find. We put her to bed on her back of course but this morning I found her asleep on her tummy sleeping on her face. She was breathing okay, so I let her be.

Another one of my big girl--who has not gotten enough wear out of her cute spring clothes since spring refuses to arrive. Boo.

So what did we do all last week? Hmm. Sunday Lowell made me breakfast in bed and got me flowers and the boys sang to me at church. Then we had dinner with Lowell's mom and went to see grandpa. I was off Monday--we went to the dinosaur museum per request. Wednesday we went to see Hop, it was okay. The kids liked it and Lowell and I thought it was just okay. Don't get extra butter on the popcorn at the $3 theater--it's just too much. The kids finished up their last full week of school. Friday they had a father and sons camp out and Lowell took the boys up just for the evening part.

They caught a lizzard

And salmonella (not really!)

Claire and I had a girls day while they were off, shopping, getting take out, and having a stroll through the gardens. It was a nice night. We snuggled and had a good time. Nice to have one on one with the little miss once in a while.

Saturday we had a nice junk fest--got Arby's new chicken salad sandwich, had a free coupon and it was great. Hearty and healthy, great summer sandwich. Then Del Taco's new fried Mac&cheese, much less healthy but still fun and pretty yummy, in small portions. Then we made our Saturday Kneader's run that really put it over the top. Had their monthly cupcake--chocolate cake and chocolate chips, huge ice cream cone swirl of rich mint frosting, top and bottom dipped in chocolate ganache. I scooped off a bunch of the frosting and still felt sick after, but yes it was very yummy.

Monday again we got ready for the big graduation. I can hardly stand that my kids have graduated from preschool. How can they have passed that part of their life already?

We had a celebration because I wanted them to know academic accomplishments are a big deal to us.

I made treats for the party--graduation caps, I really love how cute they turned out. I did the frosting in the high school's colors (where they do preschool).

The top is an after 8 mint and a mini m&m. The boys wanted to help, so they unwrapped the Reese's and sorted the M&Ms.

Cupcakes, they decorated them for me.

Per their request we spent Monday at the pool (after signing up for the literacy centers free classes this summer, yea!) Thanks to Hill for helping with both items. It was fun and Claire did really well, she likes water like her brothers. And they are finally tall enough to stand in the big center pool so that changed things up a little.

Tuesday they want to their last day of school (sob!). The parents were invited and although the outdoor field day was cancelled (it was actually snowing!) they moved it inside and still had a blast. Lots of carnival type games and prizes all along. Fun times.

Last day of school pic to match first day of school one. I couldn't get it to move like I'd like but if you go to January 2010 posts, you'll find it. I thought I put them in the same sweater but I guess I was wrong, just similar style. They have grown up so much in that time. When they started school I was just pregnant with Claire, didn't even know it yet--so she has been there the whole time too.

We went to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate with the boys. They had fun of course. And Lowell found a game he could get a lot of tickets from so they had 1,000 to trade in at the end. Lots of silly prizes and candy to take home. Happy kids. Success. We then took them out to dinner at IHOP and my parents joined us. Then the big program.


Davis with his diploma


With their favorite teacher Jodi. She is a saint, I mean it. She truly loved my kids and it has made all the difference. I can only hope the future holds many such wonderful people to grace my little ones' lives.

At our after party. Lowell's mom and sister and my parents and sister came and celebrated with us. Cyndel was a sweetie to stay and read them bedtime (they call it bed-night) stories. Thanks Cyn!

Song the class sung

What they want to be when they grow up (I was a little worried, but the answers were fine).

Then Wednesday we slept in and had no where to go. I was pretty low that day. I struggle a lot with change and getting up and taking them to school on a schedule is what I have done for the past 8+ months. And the summer before I knew we'd take a break and then be back. It is hard for me to say goodbye to people I care about not knowing when I will see them again. And maybe my thyroid is just being weird on top of it all making me feel worse, I don't know. But it has been a little rough. So I just snuggled with my boys all morning and that helped. We put Claire down for a nice nap (didn't have to be anywhere, yea!) and played Mario Party on the wii. And the kids can stomp me even when I am really trying. But that was fun. Today we went to the gym for the best Prozac one can have, running. I was worried to leave Claire in the daycare for the first time but she did okay I guess. They said she wanted to be held the whole time but didn't seem bothered by it and she was happy the rest of the morning, so I guess that was a success. It is still hard for me to leave her but I think my physical and mental fitness are worth it. And running it out did help, I am feeling better. Not 100% but better. Looking forward to a full summer of activities and the most imminent of all, my brother's wedding in one week. I am so excited for him and Michelle, can't believe it is finally happening. :)

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