Sunday, December 13, 2009

M is for Motors, Magnets, and the Mind, Max & Maddy, and Meatball Movie

To start off our M week, the new exhibit at the Museum of Ancient Life (dino museum) was perfect. It is called Motors, Magnets, and the Mind and is a traveling exhibit from the exploratorium in CA, which I have adored since I was little. There will be other exhibits coming as well, yet another example of Thanksgiving Point taking something I already love and making it better. Yeah!
There are several stations for the kids to explore and they really do like everything.
Davis and the lightning bolt--funny observation, while the kids' touch the ball, the LED lights in their shoes stay lit up. Interesting!

Hillary came with us too, yeah--here she and Carter and building with magnets.

I found my new favorite fish on this visit (I've been there dozens of times and never noticed this little guy before).

Davis playing at the erosion table. It was a pleasant visit, they played well and got some energy out. Double score. We also spent some time this week talking about Money. I got them each a set of play money (yea for Walmart's $1 toys) and we talked about denominations, what adds up to what, and where money comes from (Mommy and Daddy work to earn money).

We also set up our tree this week . . .well, it's in process anyway. We have more ornaments to put up but the boys love it so much that we are doing a little bit each day.

We couldn't do M and not talk about 2 of our favorite dogs. Here's C-man with Missy Maddy. Really the dogs are just reaching a point where they tolerate the boys. They don't feel the same love the boys feel for them but I think they will eventually. Once they get to the time where the boys are taking them for walks and more actively playing with them things will change.

But who doesn't love a little boy and his dog? Maddy is the sweetest of our dogs and most tolerant. She senses when you are upset and is the first to plop herself down and give you loves. We also call her Little Miss Muff(et) because she will Muff at you if she wants something.

Davis and Max. Can you sense how they are both putting up with me?

Max has been my baby since we got him (Max is my dog, Maddy is Max's dog, and Oscar is Lowell's). He is such a love and the most handsome schnauzer I have ever seen. He is such a chicken dog too, scared of noises and being cold. But also the most playful with toys and such.
Last night we got pizza and ate it while driving through the holiday lights at Thanksgiving Point. It really turned a cranky evening into a great one. When we got home we had cider and cookies and watched The Grinch (the original) and then Prep and Landing (love it!).

It really was a great night.

How could you not love those silly faces??

Singing in the tub, the words aren't exactly right, but you get the idea.
I am almost done with my year end video and will post it when I do. I am thrilled to be almost done, that just leaves my big Christmas project and 2 gifts to pick up, about 25% of the gifts still need to be wrapped (that's a big headstart from my usual) and I still need to do stockings and teacher gifts and such. Plus I have preschool at my house this week, my SIL and family will be arriving for the holidays, then the UVMOM play group this month is also at my house this week (we're making gingerbread houses) and we're going to try to do Polar Express as well. It's going to be busy (you know I love it!).
On a final Sunday on the blog note, check out this website:
It's dedicated to the true meaning of Christmas, something I have been working on with the boys and this has given me some tools to work with.
Oh and I almost forgot, so we didn't actually go see the "Meatball Movie" (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) this week because it doesn't come to the dollar theater until next week. But I loved it as an M so we are going to transplant it in this week later (I am making a book of all our alphabet adventures and there you'll never know some things came out of order ;)).

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You do such great things with your boys. They're going to remember you forever!