Monday, December 7, 2009

L is for Lake, Lehi Legacy Center, and Letters

L has been a really fun week, we found Lots of fun Ls around! :) First we went to see a Lake (actually Tibblefork Reservoir, but close enough!) We found it frozen--and very cold! Man, it was chilly, 15 degrees in the valley, who knows how cold higher up in the canyon. We got to talk about ice and how it floats which was cool. I stopped short of my lecture on hydrogen bonds and how life on our planet would not exist without them, but I digress . . .can you tell I like the science lessons the best?
Washed out boys standing on the frozen lake.
We also went to see the Lindon Lights, but no pics to share. Such a fun and free light show, check it out at
For a bit warmer of an activity we went to the Lehi Legacy Center. It's our city's Rec center which includes a fabulous indoor pool for year round enjoyment.

Yes we LOVE to swim. My little fish could play all day. Me, I get bored just following them around but I am happy they love it so much, happy they can finally go without swim diapers (since they are 4), and happy they zonked right out for a good nap from being so worn out.
Finally we had fun with Letters this week. We made letter ornaments during preschool this week (and had Lollipops and Lemonade (plus a discussion of sweet and sour)). And Sinter Klaas even brought us giant chocolate (yes, Dutch chocolate, I am so stealing some) letters.

Carter's is a C, he just has it upside down.
Speaking of Sinter Klaas, we went to see him Saturday. He is the Dutch Santa Claus and comes on the evening of the 5th of December to fill good children's shoes with candy and small toys. I loved Dutch Christmas as a kid (my Dad is the first American citizen in our family) and so have passed it on to my children. It's a nice treat during the long wait for Christmas. I do like the Dutch tradition, they have the commercial side of Christmas on the 5th and the religious side on the 25th.

Anywho, here are the bubs with Sinter Klaas and Black Piet at the Dutch store in Salt Lake. They are scared of Black Piet because of all the paint (or because I told them if they were naughty he would take them to be slaves in Spain--the real tradition!). But she was actually very nice and Lowell was thrilled to get his sandwich, such a happy fellow. If you want a good deli sandwich, even if you aren't Dutch and you are in SLC, check it out.
To cheer my spooked kiddos up we also went up to Layton where my Aunt Christie and Uncle Kevin had a fabulous Christmas event.

We got to meet (and pet) Blitzen the reindeer,
And meet the big man himself. The kids were in heaven and I have to say that my uncle (and his beard) are just plain awesome.
Home again we headed off to the UVMOM adult Christmas party (Saturday was a little crazy). Where I brought this cheese ball as an appetizer.
I liked him so much I had to take a picture. Recipe care of Family Fun magazine. The party was great fun, we even won one of the games and it was fun to get out minus the kiddos. Big thanks to Dinda and grandma for wrestling the munchkins.
The boys put their shoes out before bed and anxiously waited this sight in the morning:
Actually they walked by it 3 times before noticing, silly sleepy heads.
They were so excited once they did find it all and have been on a sugar high ever since. I tried making Hashee (beef and onion goulash) for the first time for dinner and while not perfect, we all liked it a lot. We had boterkoek for dessert and it made me wonder why it took me so long to make it myself. Super easy and so so yummy (almondy sugar cookie pie).
I can't think of any other news of interest to report. We are working on arranging a much less expensive version of Polar Express if anyone local is interested. Let me know. Otherwise, have a great December week. Loves!


Valerie said...

HI! I happened upon your blog and had a fun visit here. You have cute little kids. I haven't heard about a Dutch store in SLC before and was wondering where it is. My next door neighbor is from the Netherlands and I'd love to get her a little taste of home sometime! Do you mind sharing the address?

Sal-my-gal said...

Zwarte Piet! How fun! Seeing the Dutch chocolate made my mouth water with nostalgia! How I miss some of the things about the Netherlands. My mom always sends us Kinder eggs at Christmas time. I think she orders them from the store in SLC. I'd love the address too!