Friday, August 14, 2009


Wow, more than a week since my last post . . .you'd think that would mean that we haven't been doing anything or that I have been busy at work, but of course neither is true. Work has been as it usually is with the exception that the construction is now complete. Come see it some time, a totally different lab. Brighter, larger, cleaner and with a nifty new office. No improvement in sleeping conditions, but greater possibilities in that realm now. The funny part is that the main reason for all the change was a deficiency in our blood bank per a CAP inspection. Lots of time, work, and money later our new blood bank is at least as cramped as the old one. Hmmm . . .I finished The Invisible Man (good, if a slow read and different than I expected. Like how you couldn't do the things you'd think would be cool because you are invisible because the things around you are visible--you can't steal because they would see the stolen goods. Also, it's cold to be invisible) and am enjoying Dracula now--the character Mina in the movie is in the book. For the record, I am not reading Dracula because I am now a vampire fan--I continue to have little interest in vampires, I just like (okay love) the Twilight series. So far Dracula has been interesting though, and creepy. And I have been busy keeping up with blogs, I'm up to 40 I follow now and yes, I read every post. Which is why it is 9 pm and I am still waiting to eat dinner--that's what I get for taking a few days off and getting behind! :p
As for the family, we've been busy--aquarium, dino museum, children's museum (thanks Hill). We had the twin club family party Tuesday (oh and Tamara sorry I am SO slow in getting back to you--any twin moms interested in our club please visit for info on joining. You'll be glad you did! Please share with any one who could benefit and THANKS!) and I asked Davis if he knew what it was to be a twin. He said he was one and that it meant you were "nice and cute". I think there may be more twins around than I thought. Tuesday I was also reminded that I have 5 naughty children, not just 2. Maddy is "roo-ing" at me, she may have been given the false impression that I have a treat for her . . .Her and Max and of course their other partner in crime Oscar decided to bark at the black and white "cat" on the other side of the fence and came back smelling just great. A gallon of Skunk remover later our house is back to normal. And somehow the dogs scored quite a few treats in the deal--I couldn't pass up the 1/2 off chews and they did all have a birthday recently . . .
Of course Davis is a naughty child as well, don't let the angelic face fool you. He has been my mastermind of escape lately. He keeps climbing the back fence to run amuck in the neighborhood. A few time outs (and yes even a spanking) later he is still doing it and I am considering barbed wire . . .
Carter has been his partner in crime most of the time. Today he decided it would be really cool to put a small ball (from a cheap little pool table set they got at the store today) up his nose. His attempts at retrieval were only successful in the sense of getting it more stuck. I finally fished it out using a squished Capri Sun straw and was lecturing him about not putting ANYthing in his nose when I turned around and saw Davis had done the same thing. Argh! Seriously are you that desperate for attention child!?! His was not any easier to remove and resulted in a bloody nose as well. I then caught Carter putting it into his ear (yes this is my life) and I told them both the toys were going in the trash NOW if they put any more balls anywhere and the trouble passed . . .or I went to work and now Daddy is dealing with it . . .

The other excitement this week is we went to Snowbird for our Staycation. Can I say that I adore Snowbird? An hour away but a world different. So gorgeous. The family vacation was significantly different than the couples getaways we have had in both good and bad ways. It was stressful getting out the door and Lowell had a lot of work waiting for him which made him antsy to get back as the day dragged on, but I loved most of it. And I think the boys had a really good time.
The bubs in front of our window. I was just taking a pic of the view and they jumped in, who am I to say no, the lighting is all wrong? As you can see the room included a great balcony where we sat the night before and watched the lightning on the mountains while sipping our hot cocoas and ciders. I could sit on that balcony forever I think--like camping only cleaner.
The kiddos watching the mountain pass by on the aerial tram.
C & D at 11,000 feet on hidden peak.
Our family--this is nearly as high as Timp is, hmmm . . . much much easier to get to!
Us with the Salt Lake Valley over Lowell's left shoulder. The boys are thrilled to be wearing their new fall shoes we picked up for hiking around. They have spiderman on them and light up. Ooooh ahhh. I also picked up some tan air walks for nicer affairs--I may never get them to wear them.
Davis and Daddy getting ready to head down the alpine slide. Lowell is not thrilled with the lines . . .
Davis getting air jumping while Daddy waits in line for the bungee trampoline. That took f o r e v e r, 3 stations and five minutes for each session certainly took a long time.

C-man jumping--yes the wait was worth it, they loved it!

We have a trampoline in our backyard and they are good jumpers (I call it the best toy I never would have bought [it came with the house]) but there are just things you can do with a bungy you can't (or haven't tried) at home. Like this:

Yes that's my 3 year old doing a back flip. They both did a bunch and were SO impressed with themselves. The crowd was cheering them on, they felt like pretty hot stuff. And of course they are to me any way. Maybe it will even be useful when they start gymnastics this fall. There is graciously no pics or video of me, but yes I can do a back flip too. :) Mommy is WAY cool now.
Next we rode the chair lift up and walked through the tunnel from Peruvian Gulch to Mineral Springs (as a non-skiier I really have no clue what that means) it was pretty cool--and cool temperature wise which was a nice break.
Coming back down on the ski lift--cool, gorgeous, and relaxing! We also saw a huge moose and a deer.
Big D rock climbing. The pic is deceiving as he really didn't do too well--the harness was too powerful for his little 32 lbs. He is (they both are) actually a great climber and probably could have done the wall minus the harness but no, I would not have wanted him to try!

It's safe to say that was a VERY full day, the kiddos crashed on the way home. And I am the bad mommy that didn't bring sunscreen. I was thinking about how it would be cooler up there but neglecting the fact that you burn more easily at higher altitudes. Sorry boys!

Lastly for the day we went to Reva's graduation party (Anthony/Andrew's mommy who just finished getting her Nurse Practitioner degree). It was at her cousin's house in Lindon where they have an awesome set up! A bunch of neighbors share their yards and a pool, train, sports fields, etc. So cool and the train winds through it all. The kids loved the train--less the pool where they couldn't touch. Thanks for inviting us Reva and congrats!
Finally here is Carter kicking some Wii Sports sword booty--the kid is really good!


Kristen said...

wow! who knew there were so many fun things to do there!

Scott and Jillian said...

Fun! I love reading your blog. Heidi.