Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pirates or Monkeys?

Another full and fun week. The boys got to take advantage of a good Toys R Us sale and scored some 50% off pirate ships (after they got the required stickers that is). They LOVE all things pirate right now. The Davey pirate

C-man with his ship. Yes I had bought one and had to go back and get another. It is such a big toy that I thought they could share but after the blissful hour of relaxation that was my massage I returned to children fighting and screaming over who got the captain or whose turn it was for the gun. So Lowell stopped off and grabbed the last one on that last day of the sale. Happy children since.

Sunday Lowell made us some super yummy zucchini cake, I had to take a picture because I thought it was just so pretty. Then the boys were playing outside and discovered, not to my surprise but perhaps my dismay that they can now reach high enough to climb our biggest tree. Oh my what a joy that has been! Davis came in and told me, "Mom, that is a fun tree. I am being super careful". Yes I worry but honestly there is no way I am going to be able to keep them out of it so I taught them some safety tips and watched them climb. Definitely little monkeys.

Boys and trees just go together. "Boys don't grow on trees, they grow in them."

Now Carter all over the playset is another story altogether.

Crazy kid, they say they are being "fight fires" and helping people.

Okay, my new favorite picture ever! Even if he is filthy, so my Davis

Just in case you were wondering how high they were, Davis is on the left of the trunk about half way up the picture.

Carter baby, very dirty also
Silly boys, it's great to be 3! Except only 2 months to go until they are 4, seems absolutely unreal that they could be 4. Or that they'll start preschool in less than a month. Where did my babies go?

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