Monday, April 1, 2013

Kiddos at 2.5 and 7.5

Still need to do Christmas and then well, it's almost April so lots more. But I keep forgetting to bring pictures to work where I have time to type. For now I wanted to update about the kids and throw some pics in here later.
Claire-Beary at 2 and a half
Oh this little girl is something! She is full of it and fun and funny and cute and a beast and ornery and stubborn and persistent and sweet and loving and just so so 2!
Favorite shows: Bubble Guppies, Doc McStuffins, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Favorite Food: She's getting picky, only eats when she feels like it, but Chicken nuggets and all fruit get eaten. Oh and of course Cheetos!
Favorite Toys-Claire is so attached to so many toys. It's a little crazy and frustrating to keep track of them all. She has a big stuffed Nemo and Dory plus Mickey, Minnie, 3 frogs, 2 giraffes (Daddles), plus a turtle, bear, unicorn, big and little dog pillow pets that alternate having to be with her (some times all of them at once). I'll go to get her up in the morning and she'll hand me all that she needs. Usually it is so much I have to drop them off and come back for her. She also has a number of little figures she loves, mostly the Nemo crew but also some dinosaurs, turtles, a Minnie and most recently Cars friends. She plays with them all very nicely--they talk to each other and interact with houses (oh she's really into her little crabs (XiaXia) and their house this week) and are always in family groups. Claire is very determined they all be in families--Mamas, Daddys, brothers, babies, etc.

Favorite Characters-Nemo, Princesses, Cars
Nicknames-Claire-Bear, Clair-anessa, Clairebelle, Beast, Cute, Baby, Beany (Beany Beast/Bear)
Size-Outgrowing 24 months, fits in 2T ok, 3T is best, just passing from size 7 to size 8 shoe
Favorite thing to do: Go outside or swim in the spa (she will happily play in the backyard bouncing between all her fun activities for hours. She'll beg for her swimming suit all day long and will drop anything she is doing if you mention it). After the spa she will take a good nap.

This little girl is a lover and loves to be snuggled and loved on and is close to everyone in the family. Lately she has gotten a little temper and defiant streak. She definitely knows NO and to stomp her foot and scream and yell. She doesn't like to share pretty much anything with anyone and gets in time out for hitting, throwing food, and climbing where she shouldn't. Time outs have been effective and she is always quite repentant. Her 2 year molars are pretty much in so hoping that will ease some of her beastiness.

She does not participate in most things you ask her to (repeat something, smile for a camera, etc) the picture thing is my biggest grief. But this is the best I could do with her 2.5 birthday.

Carter at 7.5
Oh my little Carter bug. How I love that smile and little snuggly boy. He has recovered completely from the drama in November though he is at high risk for croup until he is 12. He still worries when he has a cough or the other day when he couldn't breathe when he was running (uh, that's called exercise love ;)). He mostly enjoys school especially his little girlfriend.
Favorite Shows: Space Monkeys (I think that's what it's called), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the never-ending SpongeBob.
Favorite Food: Also a picky eater, likes chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, cereal, cheese, crackers, chips, fruit snacks
Favorite Toys-Lately it's been all the kindle. Either football or Minecraft on the kindle. Sometimes Wiiu, legos, Pirates of the Caribbeans Life game, or drawing.
Size-Almost out of size 5 pants, still fit in the waist but getting short. Mostly 6/7 for shirts. Size 12-13 shoe
Wants to be when he grows up-Football player. He likes Bengals, 49ers, and BYU.
Favorite activities: Playing at Dad's school, riding bike, scooter, playing with friends.
Cman is getting to be a good little reader. He especially likes the Magic Treehouse books (and can read them pretty much independently). He is doing fine in school and likes art and recess. He still snuggles with me which I love but can definitely push our buttons. He and his brother push the most--they know just how to annoy each other. They also are good friends and really do everything together.

Davis at 7.5
My Davey boy--he is such a sweetie. He is probably my most helpful child and most sensitive. He can be a real punk too but tends to respond to my frustrations best and to be especially sweet with his sister. He is at grade level in school and like art and computers and recess. He has a little girl who picks on him a lot and a couple of good boy friends. His teacher is really great though he gets in trouble for not paying attention or being where he is supposed to be when he is supposed to be.
Favorite shows: Same as Carter
Favorite Food: Mostly the same as well, cereal, chicken nuggets, chips, mac and cheese, soup, candy
Favorite Toys: Also kindle. He is just starting into the Minecraft as well and is not as big a football fan. He plays several games instead of focusing on one. Also likes to watch Netflix a lot. He'll play legos, wiiu, and read.
Size, a smidge taller than Carter, 5 pants are too small. 6/7 in shirts. Smidge bigger foot, 13.
Wants to be when he grows up-Mythbuster/scientist
Favorite Activities: Trampoline, bike/scooter, friends, snuggle and watch a show, be read to.
Big D is getting better all the time at reading as well. He reads more chapter books now although he was just challenged to read 100 books by the end of the year so we're tackling little books again to get through that. He also likes Magic Treehouse (I am really trying to find things different between these 2, but honestly they look alike, act alike, and like the same things. Just the way they are! They do have subtle differences in their personalities though). I am crazy about that little boy, he is growing up too fast but I'm glad he still seeks out hugs and loves and will cook with me still. He is adorable also. Just sayin'.

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