Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Year I Post More (Maybe)

2013 is upon us and with it hopefully some resolutions I keep, including keeping up the blog much better. At least once a month is my goal. We just are so busy and do so much but I am afraid I will forget it all if I don't record it. And even now I am looking at these pictures and not remembering all the details because they are from months ago. Oh well, gotta start somewhere.
At the end of last summer we finally got out to do some camping (after the failed Moab adventure Claire and I just had a late night while Daddy and the boys stayed over in the trailer). I sure love campfires and Lowell said it wasn't a perfect night but they had a good time.

Claire rocking out with a campfire eclaire
Hi Bubba!
The boys doing a dance for us
Sorry it's sideways because it is a really nice photo. Note the bare feet!
The boys tried flag football this year. They enjoyed it and had fun but it was a little hard for them to understand all the concepts. I think Carter is better now at his kindle football game than he was playing in real life, so maybe he'll get it better next time. It was also 1st and 2nd graders so they were on the young end and it was also more competitive than first year football needed to be in my opinion. We'll see what the boys want to play next year, last I asked it was soccer.
This year with the boys in school ALL DAY LONG (how long do those teachers really need them for crying out loud) I changed my schedule around so I work Friday days and can go out on a date night those Fridays (every other) with the bubbas. This one was of our dates, Krispie Kremes and Toys R Us. We go to the cheap theater fairly often or out to ice cream or last week we exchanged Christmas gifts. All so exciting, but it is time the 3 of us get that I miss now. Summer is only 5 months away . . .
Meanwhile I have enjoyed my time with this little miss. She came on her own because she wants all the attention to herself always, haha. We do have a good time and I am happy to have my one little girl all to myself each morning. This was her 2nd birthday, we finally got to turn the carseat around, hooray! and then went to Jungle Jim's on her actual bday to play as a family.

We had a Bubble Guppies birthday as it was her current obsession (she still likes it, but not like Nemo).
This skirt was really fun but was tons of work and she didn't even take a decent picture in it before trashing it. Actually I think I do have some somewhere--need to find that card.
Missy got a bounce house for her bday
Cake! Not my best work (almost got thrown off the deck for real) but it turned out ok. Tasted great!
Bday presents!
Hike in the colors--we hiked as long into the season as we could. Mourning my hiking time this week a lot, I wonder when the snow will melt enough to hit the western hikes . . .
Love this one of the bubbas
So shortly after Claire's bday (and just 1 week before Lowell's) my big boys turned 7. I just typed 6 and had to change it, I still can't believe they are 7 and will be 8 this year! They had a lego themed birthday. These are marshmallow lego heads that I was actually very pleased with. Gotta love royal icing. They even tasted ok.
We brought these treats to the boys' classes and did fairy tale Fridays at the same time (it was Tortoise and the Hare, that was a busy day--one was at 10 the other 1 and I was re-hot gluing these little guys in the middle. I made them at work and they didn't travel well). They went over really big in the classes.
Sorry the pics are really struggling today. I did the balloon with $ and crepe papered doors again this year, the boys love it so I'll just keep doing it. Above were the cupcakes we served at the friend party--the legos are molded chocolate. And I was really happy with my frosting swirl.

Here was the contents of the gift boxes.

We had a couple guys from Bricks4kidz (living social deal) come and entertain the kids for the party. They were really fun, definitely recommend. They played a number of lego themed games and then built racecars that really drove.

Then they made zipline guys and we sent them from the 2nd to the 1st floor (hooray for Lowell's principal letting us use his school for the party, it was perfect). It's hard to see but there is a guy on that line somewhere.

Lunch was mac and cheese, chips, lego juice boxes, cupcakes, and ice cream cups.

7! They popped the balloon so we hurried and took a picture!

And some shots with the backdrop and our buddies

As with most of the last few years (this yr their bday is a Sunday so that will be a bummer) we went and enjoyed the free bday pass at Boondocks. I guess we'll go Saturday this year and pay (boo!). It really is a blast for them, games, laser tag, go karts, golf--it was fun. Lowell was at priesthood session of conference so my mom helped me. Davis decided to take a chunk of his hair out hence the short do.
Cakes for the family party--didn't love these either, not my year for cakes.

Carter is such a stinker with his eyes for photos.
This girl is a stinker too but also so darn cute. Man I love that girl. We went to the gardens with grandma a lot in the fall--well after they closed to the public.
I joined the boys (and friend) on their school zoo field trip.

I even rode the bus!
The boys got their free meal at Texas Roadhouse to finish off their birthday. If blogspot will let me post pics, I will add more soon. Hope you are all well--I still read a lot of blogs even though I haven't been blogging--so I am thinking of you! :)

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