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Haha, I finally got some of my pictures off my camera. I've had some USB cord troubles. Anyway, I have lumped a bunch of our hiking adventures into this post as many have asked for hiking with kids suggestions. So, here's some that we have done this year so far. Stay tuned for more (haven't been on the mountain in over a week, I am getting really itchy--I think Timp Falls is in order).

While it was still cool (snow on mountains) we did Ensign Peak. It was a super easy little hike (okay easy by my standards, 45 minutes up and down.) There were some steep parts but the kids had no problems with them. We did carry Claire partially because this is a busy hike.

Boys with the monument at the top--Utah history lesson--when the Saints entered the valley Brigham Young (ill in a wagon) looked over the valley and saw Ensign Peak. He recognized it from a vision he had seen so he said the famous words, "This is the Place". Days later he hiked Ensign Peak and from the top he and other leaders mapped out the city that would be Salt Lake. Before the temple was built they also performed some religious ceremonies on top of the peak. I'd like to think I have walked where some of my pioneer ancestors have walked. Nice view at the top too--well worth the hike.

For my mother's day gift this year I got a trip to Moab. We hiked around Arches and Canyonlands and spent the night in a rustic cabin. Claire did not sleep pretty much at all and we spent the whole night trying to keep her quiet and not disturbing others-thin walls. That was pretty much watching Winnie the Pooh on the iPad all night long. So, it was kind of a lot of driving and then cranky kids but the views were nice and we did have some fun. I was sorely disappointed that I left my camera and then didn't charge my second one but Lowell's phone got some decent shots.
Carter overlooking the Grand Vista at Canyonlands. Hadn't been to this park before, truly breathtaking. The pics don't do it justice--it was something special. Oh and for this view, no hike was required.
Claire and Daddy and the delicate arch (be warned these are out of order)
Carter and C at the Sand Dune arch. The kids liked this one the best, lots of very soft fine sand to play in and be buried in.
Sis posing at the Windows
More Grand Vista

Landscape Arch
View down from Mesa Arch. It was something--you can hike right up to the edge and then it just drops off.

Me and Bean at the Windows
More sand on the Landscape Arch trail
Hiding on the Delicate Arch trail

Delicate Arch trail

This is the front view of Mesa Arch

Lighting issues, but Sand Dune Arch

Okay, now for some more recent hikes--this one doesn't count as a hike, more of a leisurely Sunday stroll, but it is a lovely place. We always love Cascade Springs. Parked at the upper parking lot this time and got a little more of a walk in, nice way to do it.The boys also found a fuzzy caterpillar that they loved on excessively until it died 2 days later.

 We did Battle Creek Falls again this year and my miss Claire loves the water. We went beyond the falls this time and found several smaller falls above that were lovely. I'd like to hike farther on as the trail continues and I believe meets up with a trail to summit Little Baldy. The trail got pretty thin beyond the falls with a steep drop to the stream so that's a hike for a no kid day (like that happens often :p).

 We tried Big Springs again this year and made it to the end this time. It was a pretty lengthy hike for my slow dragging children but not a difficult one. The end was underwhelming--we even had to ask a passing biker if this was "it". I actually think the funnest part is a pool about 1/4 the way in. But I did find out this trail continues on to the Cascade Bench so yet another hike I'd like to do on a no kid day.

 It was beautiful!

 The pool--Claire is upset because she wants to stay in the water

 My hiking baby!

We also did the Y last month on a particular cool day (still very hot on that very little shade trail). I don't know if I am really just that old or not feeling well was getting to me, but this hike was hard for me. I really about turned around 1/2 way up. It was frustrating to me as I have done it many times but not in a while. Claire decided she had had it in the backpack so I slowed down and just let her walk and then I did a lot better. Maybe I was just trying too hard to keep up with the zoobies. Whichever, we made it and then had dinner at Brick Oven (kids had free meals from their reading class) and then ice cream sundaes at the Creamery (we had burned the calories!).

 Rawr my honey is hot!

 Miss Bean getting her hiking on, she is a good little hiker that's for sure. She'll do over a mile on her own.

Well, that's all the photos I have for now. I will update when I have more to share. Hikes I hope to do soon: Timp Falls, Lake Mary, Silver Lake, Mt Nebo Summit (Lowell and my big no kid hike this year), Ogden Falls. Hope you are all enjoying your summer!

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