Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Break and Easter

You have got to be kidding me!?! I was trying to hurry and get a post off as I want to have this done before we leave for Disneyworld in the early am and I have been working on it off an on for a couple hours at work and then I posted it and it said it couldn't process my request. So, it just deleted the whole thing. Argh! So here's the abbreviated version.
Had a good Spring break-Monday, park, Tuesday, zoo with Hillary, Weds, gardens with my mom, Thursday Classic Fun Center with Lowell, thanks to faboo coupon, and Friday Rango (hated it) and Red Butte Gardens. Pics from Weds:

Dyed Easter eggs

Experimented with photography

Made Shrinky Dinks

Easter Egg Hunt with twin club

Easter egg hunt with the ward

Gardens with my family

Dinner and egg hunt with my fam

Easter morning

Yes I made the tutu dress, and you know if I made it, it can't be very hard to do.

Easter dinner and egg hunt with Lowell's fam

Very full and exciting spring break and Easter. Sorry so short--I am long winded normally anyway. More to come from our big trip!

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Christina said...

ok, the picture with your parents is awesome!

I keep meaning to send you the easter egg thing, but I cant find your email. What is it and I will email you it.