Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Loving the Leprachaun

Another fun week in the books--and for winter, that is saying something. We had a flirt of spring and now back to snow today. Sigh. Not a lot of snow and it was still pretty warm but this week is so gray and gloomy. Bring on spring!
So using my combo of coupons we went to see Mars Needs Moms. It was fun, I liked it even if it did not do that well in the box office. I just wasn't into Rango. The kids enjoyed the 3D though and we ate popcorn until we were sick. Good times. Also took some pics while the sun was shining. Yes I love this photo, just love it! She is really starting to work with me with the camera.

Stole this idea from my cousin Christina, can't get enough little toes! The 3 of them were laughing and goofing off under the blanket, Lowell had to hold Claire's legs down because she kept kicking.

Best friends, they all make each other happy (and that makes me happy!)


Sunday we had our annual Irish Feast with Lowell's family and what a feast it was! Oh my goodness, potato leek soup with Irish soda bread, colcanon (potatoes, onions, cabbage), corned beef, ribeye roast, creamed carrots, whiskey cake, and Amish friendship bread. It was all so yummy--I ate it for days after. And now I am in love with corned beef.

The girl does wear out once in a while. She is all go most of the time. Monday we had my cousin Whitney and kiddos over to play and plant seeds. The boys sure love having friends over.

So I was looking into getting a Kindle, because I enjoy reading but I don't always feel like reading the book I brought to work when I get there and the one I want is at home. And there are a lot of classics I want to read (and those are free to download!). And yes, I wanted all the Twilight books at my fingertips. So I talked to Lowell about that for my mother's Day/birthday gift and we did some research. He wanted me to have a little more than what the kindle could offer so we were looking at the Nook Color which has web browsing capabilities as well. Then my brother who has the latest and greatest all the time said he'd be willing to sell us his iPad (1) so he could get something new. And for the same price as the Nook Color so we were sold. A little early but I (we) have been loving it. Seriously there is so much for the whole family in the world of free apps. The boys have lots of games (playing one above) and ask all day everyday to play it. But then Lowell or I will take it to work with us so they don't get it as often as they'd like. Even Claire has some little games and a soother on there for her. I even play some of the kids' games and have enjoyed watching Netflix on there or reading the Ensign. Anywho, my new toy which I love, thanks Lowell (and Robbie).

Claire in a cupcake hat--I hope it still fits next winter.

Wednesday we were trying to think of something to do and Lowell decided to take them skating at Classic. Always a good time there and so much to do. It wore Lowell out and the boys. And yes, I am sure they have the best redemption prizes now, they came home with so many toys, Carter above with just a couple of them. Lowell and I had fun winning the tickets too. :)

Claire is now 6 months old (official pics coming)! So we moved on from cereal to food items. Here she is with bananas, her first food. She liked it okay, but prefers pears (#2) and so far does not love peas (#3) but has only had them once. Pears she goes crazy for though and is so funny eating. I really love feeding her. She got a high chair now too, all official.

The kids love St. Patrick's day at our house, one more little holiday to get through the long winter. And since we do Dutch Christmas for my side of the family, we do St. P's for Lowell's.

Green breakfast: pancakes, eggs, and milk. Lunch was mac and cheese with green apples and green kool aid. Dinner-corned beef, potato salad, green cauliflower, and brownies sprinkled with green sugar.

Traps the kids set for the leprachaun--he got away!

My cute green kiddos, Claire was not having it.

This trap they set on their own, not sure if the leprachaun likes bananas, but nice try.

He came! Leprachaun Loot.

Messy little guy left footprints all over. I am not sure who was more excited, the kids or me. I just love this kind of stuff. Surprising the boys is so much fun.

Saturday night I celebrated getting our tax return back by going to Thanksgiving Point to renew our pass. It had been like 6 weeks, that's a long time for us!

Claire debuted her new stroller (well, new to us, got that and the high chair on ksl). She loved being lower where she could see everything and being able to swing her little feet. She is such an easy going baby when we are out and about. Just loves to watch everything/everyone.

And since we've been away they opened a new excavating exhibit. We loved it, Carter and I especially. They have all these bones in a big dig site and you pick them out and assemble them to make a dino skeleton on a big magnetic board.

Success. We worked on it for a while, not an easy task but it was fun. After we went to visit my parents for a minute and again for longer on Sunday.

Monday Whitney's kids came to play for a little bit again and then we went to the aquarium with Daddy.

Claire trying peas.

Tomorrow Claire has her 6 month dr appt (I hate shots :(--but I am very glad to give them to her) and I am very much looking forward to the gardens opening this weekend. It is so long for me between close (end of Oct) and opening, even with a mid-way sledding trip in between. Open Open Open--Claire and I will be there with bells on.


Tara said...

I'm so excited for warm weather so we can finally go to the gardens with you!

Jana said...

Your kids are adorable and you are such a fun mom! What great activities and ideas...they are lucky to have you. :)

The Halls said...

We were hoping that Mars Needs Mom was fun! We have the book and were excited to see a movie based on it. Me and the boys didn't like Rango, Aaron said it was ok.

Christina said...

I LOVE that first picture! You are such a fun mom!

Jill said...

Those are some cute pics! I LOVE the feet one! I have tried those so many times and can't get it right. I'll have to hire you:) Aren't holidays the funnest? I can't believe how much you guys do! When do you spend time at home? If twins don't slow you down, what would?:) Your baby is getting so big! She's beautiful!

Jill said...

PS, I LOVE the cupcake hat!!! Wherever did you find it? I must have one!