Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Brrr . . .

Well, January has been mighty cold, here's hoping for a warmer February (it's like 6 outside, so I'm not betting on it). Though February is to me the last truly bitter month. March is still cold but it is waning and April is full on Spring--so the end is in sight already. Did I mention I hate winter and love spring?
We've found some ways to entertain ourselves despite the weather. For instance we met up with Reva and A&A for some Trafalga fun (still loving that pass!)

I love the extreme faces on this one, it's not a very exciting ride.

And we had fun with silly string

Tried out new super cute shoes (thanks to Katie!) and wore them out to grandma's birthday dinner, yea!

Claire turned 4 months old-yikes! She is 70th percentile for weight and 92nd for height--I can't believe this girl. She is growing so fast. She passed every item on her questionaire and continues to be such a joy. At her appointment the ped asked if she was rolling yet and I said no--and then she did. So, there was her first roll--she likes to show off. She also likes to smile, laugh, jump, "talk", be held, suck anything she can get her hands on (we call them velcro hands), and play with toys.

We also celebrated my niece H's birthday. She had a fun Tangled party.

Claire had a blast with H&A's cousin--someone who understands her apparently.

We went to preschool (once we finally got over the colds) and goofed off with the prizes mom was able to get shopping without the kids.

And we went to the Jordan World Circus. Not as good as Ringling Brothers, but cheaper and better seats thanks to Reva saving them for us.

The boys were fascinated by the acrobats--seems like the perfect career choice for them somehow.

Max needs a hair cut real bad, but he is still the cutest puppy anywhere (and being very tolerant of Carter).

The boys loved dinosaur week at preschool complete with these hats, a toy dino excavation, and a working volcano!

Not sure the reasoning for the undies on the head, but I snapped a picture just for future ammunition!

Told you she loves to jump. She just figured it out Saturday and has just been going nuts every since. Makes me smile so much!

My hair bow collection--well the ones I have made anyway, she has more than this of course. I am getting there a little at a time.
We also went to my cousin's little man S's blessing. Here's my dad with his granddaughter and my Aunt Yvonne with her grandson. Amazing the difference 3 months makes. Sorry for the bad lighting--my camera struggles with the backlighting.

Not pictured--we also went to see Yogi Bear at the $3 theater--good for kids (they laughed and laughed) but pretty dull for the parents. We spent more time at the dino museum (that pass is about to expire, sob--I'll renew it once the tax return comes). We visited a lot of family and had them visit us--plus had yummy food and I worked a lot. That sums up the past little bit I believe. We're looking forward to Valentine's Day and some sunshine and our big surprise trip for the boys the end of April (DisneyWorld!!!). Loves to all!

Claire just figuring out the jumperoo

The boys getting sister to laugh


Kristen said...

Carter and Davis are looking so grown up! Was that lazer tag they were doing?

Davis and Carter's Mommy said...

Hi Kristen, thanks for visiting! Yep, laser tag--they just barely make the height requirement and we go on weekday mornings so they're the only ones in there--they have a great time!

Christina said...

She really is such a beautiful baby!