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I just can't seem to keep up these days! I've been spending a lot of my blogging time doing online shopping and working on photo gifts but I hope to catch up again soon. Speaking of photo gifts, in that process I have misplaced my most recent memory card so I'll go back and write about those events when I find it. I think the main thing not yet posted was just Santa coming to preschool. The boys have been out of school since December 10th and we have been pretty busy in that time. We took advantage of the week they were out before the big kids were by going to Classic Skating and the Dino musuem. Classic was a blast! With coupon I spent $10 and then another $5 for tokens and the kids skated, climbed, jumped, and played games for over 3 hours. They would have stayed longer if we didn't have places to be--but were also totally exhausted. Any activity that can actually wear them out is worth the money to me! They were both red faced and sweating. They met some other kids playing there and made some good friends. Some older kids were there too and were so nice in helping them on the activities--it is nice to see some teens that aren't so self-centered or rude. These kids were really great and patient with these silly little random boys. They are not pro skaters yet, they couldn't even stay up for 10 seconds when we got there, but they really worked hard on getting better. Carter especially--it was neat to see the determination. They have always been so skilled in gross motor, I think it threw them a little to have something they couldn't master right away. We'll definitely be back, probably in the other week they are out but the big kids are back in school. The dino museum was really great--I was nervous going as the boys have not been the best listeners of late, but even with lil sis in the sling, she and the boys did great. We had a really good time playing, it wasn't at all busy, and I was actually sad we had to leave to make it to our gym appt. That night we went to Zoo Lights--when our zoo is open at night with lots of animated lights and such. You can't tell, but the boys are in the shot, lower right corner.

Davis with a soldier. It was SO cold that night. Thanks to my mom and dad (and Cyndel who came over) for watching the baby. It was just too chilly to take her out and it was nice to spend the time with our big boys.

It was a fun time. I decided it would be fun to make the 12 days of Christmas cookies from Parents magazine this year. But I haven't been able to keep up that pace, so we're doing the 12 cookies of Christmas break, I'm sure we'll have them done by the time the kids go back. The first was Boterkoek, a Dutch treat I made for my work party, but here's Davey with the second:

There's caramel between the ginger cookies, really a yummy cookie.

And here's #3, C man with powder sugar stenciled graham crackers (the recipes are easy so kids can help). Thanks to Hill for helping too. She is out on break and has been a HUGE help the past couple weeks. She should never go back to Ogden!

Triple chocolate with marshmallows, #4

Gingerbread houses and men, #5. I have made lots and lots of these the past couple years for the twin club, but with the boys in preschool 4 days/week we haven't been able to play as much. :( Luckily my cousin and her kiddos came over to make houses with us. I would have liked to have had one house per kid, but I gave up at midnight when this year's recipe just wasn't behaving. Oh well.

Good times, what kid doesn't love getting unrestrained access to multiple candies and plenty of frosting!

Claire E Berry turned 3 months this week, she is growing so quickly.

At 3 months she is starting to giggle and is getting really fun to play with. She sleeps and eats well and is just such a joy.

She is starting to hold and shake rattles and try to put everything in her mouth. She can also pull hair now. I dug around in the attic today and found a couple of the boys' favorite activity centers for this age and pulled them out for sis. She was thrilled, I love watching her experience something new. I also love watching her look at herself in the mirror. She just shifts her eyes and then smiles, and then smiles bigger when the baby in the mirror is smiling.

I've been having so much fun with bows and dresses of late. Daddy just adores this girl and she is crazy about him as well. The boys too, everyone just loves each person in our family so much. I love how Claire has just multiplied the love in our house, something I never would have predicted while I was pregnant. Guess the Lord knows what he is doing . . .why does that always surprise me??

Still can't tell which way her eye color is going to go . . .
We had a real good snow fall the other night (that was fun to drive home from work in at 5 am, especially because even after I brushed snow off for 10 minutes I still could barely see over the pile on the car hood). It has mostly all melted now (weird winter) but the boys and Daddy did have a good time yesterday building a snow family while I was out shopping.

Carter and Davis Snow boys--they didn't make Claire because it seemed wrong to have her sitting on the ground in the snow.

Mommy and Daddy
Hillary even stayed with the kids that night while Lowell and I had dinner and did stocking shopping, she rocks. We spent most of today making neighbor treats and then went to the Dodenbier family Christmas party. There was a special visitor there (my awesome uncle Kevin)

The boys were over the moon about seeing Santa. He asked if they had been naughty and they were both quick to rat the other one out. Sissy was just fascinated by his beard. Carter followed him around the rest of the party making sure he was coming to our house tomorrow night. Cute and funny and Santa was very patient and tolerant of him. It was nice to have a quick visit with the fam and see a couple new babies before we had to leave early so I could get to work.
Tomorrow we'll deliver neighbor treats, go to see the lights at Temple Square, then Christmas dinner and gifts with Lowell's fam. Saturday we'll have gifts with our little fam and then my family. Busy couple of days, but I am so excited for it. I love giving everyone their gifts--definitely the highlight of my year. And for those wondering, due to shipping issues in Hong Kong, our Christmas card has been delayed. It is the same as the blog header however. I will get them out as soon as possible. In the meantime, I hope the Lord has watched over all of your families and blessed you with all you may need. That this Christmas day you'll feel of His love for us all as we reflect on His miraculous birth and life. I hope you are all safe and warm and surrounded by the love of your family. Merry Christmas!

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